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If the Georgia Bulldogs beat auburn and georgia tech what bowl will they go to.?

Georgia Bulldogs

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    The Nytol Bowl cause your dreaming if you think georgia is going to beat auburn and ga tech.

  • Georgia sucks this year, Georgia Tech going to a BCS Bowl (ACC Champions) and Auburn BCS Bowl, Georgia has no chance

  • mayedo
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    properly the buckeyes won so theyll flow 11-a million. so thatll substitute each little thing for u. im no longer gonna rank em all yet heres my bowl predictions. BCS )oregon vs. Auburn Rose Bowl) Wisconsin vs. TCU Sugar Bowl) LSU vs. Ohio State Orange Bowl) Virginia Tech vs. Boise St. Fiesta Bowl) Nebraska vs. Pittsburgh (i dont think of theyll placed tcu or boise into it only yet, i think of auburn will lose a recreation too and nonetheless get placed into the bcs recreation. auburn or lsu, im undecided however with the tie breaker whod get into the sec identify recreation if auburn loses next week to bama. theyll prolly nonetheless supplies auburn priority over lsu cas they won head to head. and then auburn beats florida or south carolina.) capital one bowl - Michigan State vs. Alabama. would desire to be an ambush! bama wins huge. outback- iowa vs Arkansas. i dont even comprehend on those 2 only those are my bcs predictions. for gator bowl however i think of its huge east vs. sec , or vs acc the huge ten isnt in that recreation. like each and all of the artwork u put in seems stable.

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    I'm sticking with the same answer I gave you the last time you asked this question about 30 minutes ago.

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    um ok lets look at this agin, if ga beats auburn..... and if i had a pig with wings i would fly to alaska wearing shorts.

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    The we suck and lose to Kentucky bowl! They deserve nothing!

  • Don't worry, we will kick your a s s just like Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Florida, you name it. The Dawgs suck this year.

    WAR DAMN EAGLE! I am there tomorrow are you?

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    no reason to even project that. wouldnt want you to get your hopes up. Not gonna happen

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    forget it pal there season is done

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