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Why do the NCAA CFB powers keep ignoring the vast majority of fans who want some kind of playoff?

It is really pathetic that the BCS can't at least give us a mini playoff. Maybe the top 8 teams. Every year there is some kind of controversy. Nearly every single fan I know want some kind of playoff yet the fat cats at the BCS say no. I don't even understand it from an economic arguement. The final four games would produce a huge amount of money. The way college football fans are they will still go to the bowl games whether there team is in the playoffs are not. It is just laughable that it never takes place. If Louisville loses a game nobody can realisitically say who the best #2 team in the country is. The BCS is a shame, why won't they fix it?


What I'm not seeing is why a playoff would stop people from going to other bowls. It is not and either or proposition in my mind. How many bowls are there currently 30 or 40. Most of them are meaningless right now so the BCS playoff doesn't change anything. The Pac-10 #3 vs. the big 10 #4, or the SEC #3 vs. the Big 10 #3 etc etc doesn't change. If they sell now they will still sell even if there is a BCS play off. The rose bowl, the orange bowl etc can still be played but as one of the playoff games.

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    Too many marginal programs make too much money and get a vast majority of their national exposure from the Bowl system. These teams like Missouri, Arizona State, Arkansas, and unfortunately my alma mater, Minnesota, schedule cupcakes for their non-Conference games in order to get the 6 wins that it takes to get into a bowl game. They do this year after year and hope for one really good year, like Arkansas this year, to placate their fans. They get the big bowl game check and laugh all the way to the bank.

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    There is way more money in 50 some bowl games. You can have a ton of sponsers for each of the bowl games. In a playoff format there will be 8 or so games max. Do the math. Those "Fat Cats" like there money more than they like there fans. A boycott would change all that, but whose gonna boycott any kind of football?

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    Simple answer that it sucks to say.

    We need a playoff system. The BCS is a mess but because of million dollar corporate sponsors it will stay. Also controversy over they current system only draws more people to television to see what it is all about.

    There is only one good thing about the BCS..... every game counts.

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    You get more money in the bowl games

    if you really think about it.. but I agree that

    a playoff will be a lot more accurate than

    a bunch of voting.. everything's biased.

    I hate how wins count more than stats..

    a team who loses 2 games against tough teams

    will rank lower than a team with one loss

    against teams with losing records.. pathetic

    popularity contest

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    Never going to happen. Way to much money in the bowl games. It's all about endorsement deals and TV contracts.

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