What about Rush Limbaugh?

I know this has been a few days back, but what is you reaction to Rush mocking Michael J. Fox? Pretty low of him if you ask me, opinions please. Is this what polotics has come to? Acting like a bunch of kids in the schoolyard?

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    To say something is too low for Rush Limbaugh is an opinion not well informed with how unscrupulous Rush Limbaugh is. When he can’t seriously contend with a particular political or ethical stance, he always resorts to mocking. Part of his popularity, if not most of it, stems from his ability to patronize those who hold differing points than his followers. Ultimately he is a sardonic comedian, devoid of any true rhetorical substance.

  • plyler
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    3 years ago

    sure, Rush Limbaugh is a douche bag. understanding that gives you him the credibility of a douche bag. as long as human beings understand that we are high quality. it really is even as many human beings actual believe him we've a challenge. it really is like nationwide Enquirer and the Globe, the food market tabloids. Their thoughts are frequently blown way out of proprtion and could not also be authentic yet sensationalism is what sells their papers. an same applies with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and those form. it really is leisure and sensationalism. In different words human beings want to study or hear BS because it makes their lives seem more effective perfect.

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    Get a grip and stop listening to the liberal media. I was listening - Rush did NOT mock Michael J. Fox. He just said that since Fox looked much worse than when he is on other interviews and shows and appearances, he must not have taken his medicine, or that he was acting.

    Michael J. Fox admitted that when he makes public appearances regarding his disease he sometimes does not take his medicine to make the symptoms of his disease show through.

    So Rush was right. Not mean, just right.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just why is it low?

    By what you want no one can say any thing against any one that has a handicap. People that have any handicap can speak out on any thing they want, but once they do we all have the same freedom to speak out against what they made a stand for. It is a free contry and WE yes WE all have the same freedoms.

    Fox made a promo for a friend running for office and a Bill. This bill would make human cloning legal and make Fox friends very rich. Fox did not know this. He did not have a clue, but he should have. He was made to look a fool not by Rush but by the Dems and people wanting to be rich. By the way he made him self look worse than he is just to get sympathy.

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  • DeeJay
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    1 decade ago

    You don't know the whole story. Fox said he over medicated and he also said he didn't read what he was endorsing. It was a bill on stem cells which that state already had but they slipped in cloning. Fox said in his book that he usually didn't take his meds when he made appearances so the people could see the effect when he wasn't on medication. The whole thing is unfortunate but I do listen to Rush every day. He tells it like it is because he isn't planning on running for office. I was listening the day he mentioned Fox but I wasn't watching his web cam.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rush Limbaugh is a buffoon. He is a neocon puppet, who, I daresay rarely has an original thought to communicate. When he gets an idea, it's usually a bad one; i.e., The Michael J. Fox mocking...illegal use of prescription drugs. Seems he wasn't able to deal with some pain himself, but he would deny others their right to life.

    By way of explanation, those embryos the scientists would like to use for the stem cells are about to get dumped down a sink. They are not ever going to be a baby. With research, it is possible those embryos could save thousands of lives. But, good old Rush sticks to the party line when it is convenient for him.

    Source(s): The neocons have stolen the party I used to be proud to vote for.
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    Michael J. Fox has had Parkinson's for 15 years. Rush's mocking was in very poor taste, because he is not a doctor and could not speak on the long term side affects of this disease. Even his apology was not very sincere. This should have hurt his credibility, but it won't. We hold certain people to lower standards. Rush is one of them.

  • 1 decade ago

    The broadcast I listened to said that MJ Fox admitted in his book that he stopped taking his meds before doing interviews so his symptoms would really show, Rush thought that was underhanded and so do I! MJ said he was sorry, he didn't support those candidates on most of their other issues, he wasn't even aware of the other issues. How about the one the Democrats are spewing about all Republicans being racist and if you are a black Republican you are a traitor to your people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I stopped listening to Rush back when early in Clinton's first term, he made a reference to Chelsea, being the white house dog..

    I dont have time for BS like that..

    People like Rush and Coulter dont care what their opposition think, they are the fast food market for the ultra right wing..They serve them and only them.

    Though I lean more conservative on many issues, It's best to be a free thinker, and not waive the flag of either party nor their court jesters like Rush or on the opposite end of the spectrum; Franken.

  • 1 decade ago

    I was not surprized that the mainstream media distorted what happened to hide the real issue. Which was MJF exploiting his regretable condition to advance the Democrat party based on a Missouri bill MJF had not even read.

    I don't think its dishonest for MJF to go off his medication to illustrate his condition to encourage people to contribute to a cure. But that was not the purpose of the political ad in which he spoke for a Democrat canidate.

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