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I just realized something about Desperate Housewives...?

I don't think Nora is dead, now that I think about it. The site says that one recurring guest star dies, along with someone new from the episode. I think, although it would be good if she was dead, she just passed out. Maybe... Idk for sure


Okay, for everyone that says that she got shot in the chest so she has to be alive... hmm.. lets think.

1.) If she's shot in the chest and it doesn't hit anything major, she can live. My dad's a doctor. I asked him.

2.) Did anyone go read where it says only one recurring guest star dies? Probably not.

3.) People can die from getting shot in the back. Where did that guy trying to escape get shot? The back. Yeah. It's the same thing with the chest, people.

Sorry If I'm coming off rude, I just can't stand when people submit answers that aren't proven.

So maybe she is dead. Maybe the show was changed after the spoilers were sent out. Maybe. So don't get all pissy.

Update 2:

Cocopuff, what are you talking about? She isn't the narrator, she's Lynette's husband Tom's baby momma. No narrator. And it's basically 4 leads. Edie isn't considered a lead. Just Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle.

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    I don't think she is dead either because they would have said it on the news that they were watching and everyone would have thought it was Lynnette.

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    She had better be dead, I was soooooo happy when she got shot last night. I know it sounds horrible but 1. I hate her as an actress in general and 2. She was destroying tom and lynettes marriage. I say good riddens to the skag. Great episode last night :) I hope Gabby and Carols can really get back together and make it work.

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    My husband said the same thing! I don't think Lynette and Tom can get her out of their lives that easy. She will probably move in with them to recover if she is still alive. I think the actress does a great job of making her a really annoying person.

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    Both Nora and Carolyn bixby are dead ppl . Carolyn is dead because we saw blood running out of her head on the floor. Also Nora is dead cause she had all of this blood all over her. Nora is going to another show . Well anyway it was an awesome show last night. Good luck and god bless and happy thanksgiving .

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    Based on the reactions by the others in the store, it certainly seems like she died. It was kind of funny how she was smart-alacky even to the last sentence. I think her death could cause much turmoil between Lynette and her step-daughter.

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    I don't think she is dead. They wouldn't get her out of their lives so soon and so easy. She will probably be alive and blame Lynette for trying to have her killed so she could get more pitty for herself.

  • That's the same thing I thought as well. I don't think she's dead. I think that she will be moving in with the Scavo's to make their lives a living hell....can't wait to find out for sure! :)

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    I think she is dead. She is the narrator of the show! Plus we have gotten use to seeing those five main women on the show. They can't handle any more. Whenever another woman tries to steal the spotlight they either move away or get killed. Hence the homewrecker who got shot last night and the crazy woman.

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    I think she is dead, although I can see where you get your suspision. I hope she is because she got on my nerves, but she was an exiting part of the show. And I also hope Carols and Gaby get back together!

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    um honey...she got shot in the chest (ur heart is in ur chest)

    and if u have not realized...ur heart pumps blood and if it is shot...then it will not work unless u have emidiate care wich she did not. but as a twist...i dont think that kayla is toms daughter.

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