1.The _____ operator returns fales if the left operand is greater than the right operand. A)== B)< C)<= D)All of the above.

2.A______occurs when an executed statement does not directly follow the previously executed statement in the written application.

A)transition B)flow C)logic error D)transfer of control

3 .A variable or an expression can be examined in the _____ debugger window. A)watch B)Output C)View D)Display

4.The if statement is called a _____ statement because it selects or ignores one action(or sequence of actions).

A)single-selection B)multiple-selection C)double-selection D)repetition

5.The three types of program contol are sequence,selection and_______.

A)reduction B) decision C)branching D) repetition

6.In an activity diagram,a rectangle with curved sides represents______.

A) a complete algorithm B)a comment C)an action D)the termination of the application

7.The body of an ifstatement that contains multiple statements is placed in _____.

A)() B)[] C) <> D){}

8.A variable of the bool type can be assigned either the value_____or the value_____.

A)true,false B)off,on c)one,zero D)yes,no

9. A variable whise value cannot be changed afterits initial definition is called a_____.

A)double B)constant C)standard D)bool

10.The ____operator assigns to the left operand the result of adding the keft and right operands.

A)+ B)=+ C)+= D)+ =

這10題的答案...拜託了 明天要交的!!

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    題1 : D









    題10: C

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