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question regarding 2003 dodge ram van 1500?

my dads van got the check engine light poped up yesterday, i believe its something to do with sensors etc. but i am not sure untill i pull out the code with OBD reader. ok now the question is...where should i look for the spot where the OBD reader hooks up so i can pull out the code. his van is diffrent than my maxima so i have no idea if there is an option to hook the OBD reader any where on the van. any advice? thanks in advance..


and what could cause the CEL to become active???

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    the problem that with out a drb u can pull up many codes, autozone might give u a simple code like o2 senor, the dealer is the only way to go, the drb can go further into the problem u could be replacing parts that wont fix the problem, just have a dealer pull the right code the first time and let them tell u whats wrong with the vehicle, its worth the time and money..

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    The OBD port is underneath the drivers' side dash, just look under there and it's stickin out there. It should be pretty obvious. The dummy light mostly monitors emissions stuff, so it's probably nothing important, but it also monitors certain sensors the engine uses to run. In other words, it could be nothing, or it could be a real problem. Only way to know is to diagnose it, and pulling codes is only part of that. Does it run? If so, is it running any differently, and if so, in what way? Don't forget there's more to an engine than the computer, the engines in these things actually predate computerization.

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    All 1500s no remember what the motor length have a rear end geared up to handle an identical weight. including axel, kit, and brake length. the only distinction is the kit ratio is available in 3 sizes. The production unit places interior the dimensions that the shopper needs on the producing unit. this style of the rear end ought to very from year to year.

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    if you have a digital odometer on the vehicle you can turn the key to the on position and then off 5 times and it should give you the code in the odometer which you can then look up online. also autozone will read codes for free and tell you what they mean.

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