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In what year was Ecuador and Peru's war?

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    There many wars between Peru and Ecuador and amazingly all started for the same reason: territory.

    The first one they had as independant republics was in 1859 and 1860, where they fought for some lands surrounding the Amazon River. In this occasion Peru won the war.

    The second war came in 1941 and 1942 when the tension between both countries regarding the territories started anothere war. Peru, this time with it's superior air force defeated and invaded part of Ecuador. After this short war both countries finally signed a peacy treaty.

    The last war was in 1995, after Ecuador didn't recognize the terms of the treaty that ceased the 1942 war.

    After 5 weeks of constant battle Peru recovers the territory that Ecuador invaded causing this war. After this Ecuador finally signs another peace treaty and Peru gives 1 km2 to Ecuador to honor their fallen soldiers. They can't use it for military purposes though.

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