Anyone have a Playstation Portable?

My kids are asking for one this Christmas. Give me some details. Where is the best place to buy games and movies? Is there anyplace to rent games and movies for the PSP? What about transfering movies from your dvd collection to the PSP? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    1 decade ago
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    I do own a PSP and it's probably the most complicated device in the handheld system console, but so worth the price. You can transfer your movies on DVD to the PSP but all if you have the right equipment. A DVD converter (online tool) a 2.0 USB Cable (PSP USB Connecter for all removable data) a huge Memory Stick Pro Duo made especially for the PSP. You can rent games from Blockbuster or<<<(recommended). You can buy games from any local EbGames or GameStop.

  • regula
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    4 years ago

    PS3. You get Blu-Ray and unfastened cyber web so if the 360 on my own is greater decrease priced you're saving money someplace else reason a HD-DVD tension for the 360 is like £one hundred twenty. PS3 is greater effective and is planned to final 10 years. of path there is no longer plenty graphical distinction between the 360 and PS3 precise now however the PS3 hasn't even been out a year and builders are nonetheless getting used to it. There are some great video games for the PS3, with greater style than the shooters on Xbox such Heavenly Sword and Ninja gaiden Sigma besides as MGS4, Silent Hill 5, Uncharted and extremely final delusion XIII that are popping out. additionally there is not any purple ring of dying. Sorry I went on, yet i'm fed up in Xbox fanboys answering those questions without giving actual reasons.

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    1 decade ago

    you can rent games from or is cheaper, lets you have 3 games at a time instead of 2, and faster shipping. gamefly has a more user-friendly website. the best place to buy games? ebay,, walmart, best buy.. not sure about dvd's, you could check their official website for that info

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    Yes, either, eBay, or cos co.

    Source(s): I checked.
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