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my xbox 360 freezes all the time?

i turn it on then 5 seconds later it freezes, does nothing. i removed the memory card and game disc. then i tried everything that xbox 360 website support said, that didnt help either. plz help i cant play xbox 360 at all.

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    There WAS a problem with the system overheating on some of the first systems that came out.. there wasn't really a lot of them, but they got a lot of media attention. If that's the problem, they'll service it for you. Contact the XBOX website support and get an email address or phone number for further assistance.

    My neighbor had that problem, and fixed it just by moving the xbox to an area where the power pack, and the back of the xbox had plenty of ventilation. My system is in line with the air conditioning vent, and the air blows down the wall and across the back of the system, and I've never had a problem.

    If you played it "hot" for a long time or something, there may be permanent damage that'll cost money to fix.

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    You need to send it back to get it fixed. It is a common problem from a microsoft product.

  • yeah soccerdude is RIGHT!!! get rid of that Xbox360 and get a Ps3 coming on November 17,2006... Ps3 OWNS Xbox360

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    dude it sounds like is broken. i think you have to send it to microsoft to get it fix.i don't know. i never had a problem like that because i owned PLAYSTATIONS. just dix it sell it and buy a PS3

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