After the proctor for the sat chinese subject test called time. i changed an answer. and i feel horrible.?

i basically cheated. after the proctor called time for the test. i asked my friend neighbor what the answer to a question was which was "artist". and i orignially had put the answer but i changed it before the test ended. then when my neighbor told me it was artist. when the proctor turned around. i changed my answer back to artist. a girl sitting behind me was watching the whole time and said "that was not cool." I feel like crap. what should i do. i live by morals and i have been caught for cheating twice in my life. and yet i still did it today. i don't know what to do. should i just forget about it or what?

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    i'm basically an honest person myself, but get over it. if you don't like cheating, avoid it. but some things are just not worth worrying about and feeling guilty about for too long. just reading your letter tells me that you must be a very honest person. and also very young and too idealistic. a mistake like that shouldn't make you hate yourself as much as you do. it also doesn't undo all the good things you've been and done in the past. as long as you strive to be a better person, you should be okay. but you should also enjoy yourself more and loosen up.

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    4 years ago

    I took the SAT difficulty exams a pair of years in the past, and that i got here across that obtaining guy or woman books replaced into extra suitable than getting the entire factor, as you a)have not got unecessary bulk and b) you have a extra defined examining (perchance extra thorough additionally) of the area you prefer to take. i might easily recommend Barrons' books as antagonistic to the college Board's, yet however, thats own selection.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, most people do that. Besides, the timing is not 100% acurate, so give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

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