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Has anyone tried "the lip scrub" by Sara Happ and if so, what do you think of it?

My lips are really flaky and dry most times and I have been looking for a good exfoliator. I found today a website called that offers several flavors of exfoliators for $20 a piece that can be used daily. Right now, I pretty much use everything I can find and nothing is working well for my lips. They just come out looking worse. I found a few reviews online that said the product was great, but I'm wondering if anyone on here has actually used the prouduct and what they thought.


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    YES!! I have 3 of the flavours and I think it is by far my favorite new beauty product all year. It works so well, I can't actually believe I ever suffered through flaky lips, which is such an annoying problem. I love the "vanilla bean." It's always in my makeup bag, and I'm asking for the other 3 flavours for Christmas :)

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    Don't waste your money on buying "lip scrubs", when you can save it to buy some nice hair accessory for yourself!

    To get baby-soft lips, apply vaselin or petroluem jelly or even your regular chapstick LIBERALLY all over your lips. Let it soak a few minutes. Now, use a soft toothbrush to GENTLY brush your lips for no longer than 2 minutes. Wipe off the scum with a tissue. Wash your face, as your normally would, and apply a thin layer of balm or gloss on your super-soft puckers!

    Just make sure that you steer clear from any product that contains alcohol, as alcohol dries even further. Saliva, too, does what alcohol does!

    Try this thing every week, and let Sara Happ have a run for her money!

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    Yes-I have used it. It doesn't work. Most of the moisture for your lips comes from within your body. Not what you put on the outside. Don't exfoliate your lips. Your body is telling you something if your lips are really that dry.

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    Don't waste yr money, just blush yr lips when you blush yr teeth in the morning, and put vaseline.

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    use carmax my lips were super dry and that work perfectly and drink allot of water its also a sight of dehydration.

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    i havent used that stuff...but when i didnt have any chapstick i used vaseline and it worked. try might work for you?...good luck

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    water water water...when your dry outside you are dry inside! drink lots of water, it will help!

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    yer i have used it its quite good.good luck xx

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