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I live in NYC. Can anyone tell me which service offers a variety of french channels?

I checked direct tv, dish network but none of them offers france2, france3 etc. All that is available is TV5/3A TELESUD/TRACE TV.


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    I don't know what cable or satellite TV providers offer services in New York, but here is some information which should prove useful when you're looking for providers that offer French programming. See if they carry any of the following stations.

    TV5 could certainly do for a start. Since is offers programming from many different French-speaking countries, including France, some of the programs it broadcasts do in fact originate with France 2 and France 3. Here is a program guide:

    We have some very good French channels in Québec as well, some of which are bound to be available in New York. Both Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec offer quality programming, including terrific movies from around the world with few commercial interruptions (none in the case of Télé-Québec). For programs with more "mass appeal" you would probably tune in to TVA or TQS.

    Hope that helps a little bit.

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    check the Canadian channels. We have a lot of Quebec French channels

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