How (other than the obvious) could two of the three kids on "Home Improvement" become villains on Smallville?

Zachery Ty Bryan and Jonathan Taylor Thomas were a high school bully and something sinister (I missed that episode) respectively, went up against Clark Kent and ended up either dead or cured of their affliction or in Smallville's version of Arkheim Asylum, no doubt plotting their revenge. (BTW, JTT plotted revenge with future adulterer of Gabrielle Solis - Hottie Desperate Housewife.)

Whatever happened to the third kid, Taran Noah Smith? Is he waiting in the wings for a supervillain reunion or just on the backburner?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Taran Noah Smith had some run-ins with the media a few years back, when he filed for emancipation from his parents. He was engaged to a much older woman (she was 33 and he was 17) and they worried that he was being used. He wound up marrying her and got control over his money at 18. Last I heard, he is still married and is in a vegan food business (called Playfoods) with his wife and he has reconciled with his parents.

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