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What is the safest hybrid SUV? One that works well in the snow & mountains, and is rollovers!?

Definitely want to get a hybrid, but have heard that they may have trouble in cold weather.

Want an SUV to handle snow and ice and gear...don't want to get a hybrid sedan where I'd have to deal with chains in the snow.

Want a car that is safe...heavy enough to survive an accident with another SUV or truck, safe enough not to rollover, good side impact strength.

I typically see comparisons of SUV hybrids on fuel efficiency, but I need to see the whole picture: safety and performance in cold weather.

Thank you!

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    the Ford escape Hybrid is going to be your best bet. It gets better mileage than ANY hybrid and costs less than the Highlander. The higlander is also based on the Camry, which makes it a BAD SUV for deep snow, mountains etc. Unlike many Fords, this one is VERY reliable and handles -20 temps in Wisconsin just fine.

    I would recommend the Saturn, but its CVT trans doesn't work below 0F. If it gets that cold where you live, Dont buy it. Get the ford.

    Rollovers are a fact of life in any SUV... but what most people don't hear about is that its VERY HARD to roll an SUV. You can do it if you try, just like a passenger car.

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    Safest Hybrid Suv

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  • Get a Subaru somethingoranother....

    All the benefits of of a kickass 4WD arrangement without the hassle of 6000 lbs of steel around you

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    any of them that someone else owns are safe

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