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Are weight loss drugs effective in weight loss?

I've heard that weight loss drugs can kind of mess up your metabolism, so that once you go off of the drug you gain back the weight that you have lost. Are they any good for people who don't only want to lose the weight, but keep it off, too?

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    Often times weight loss drugs are effective, but there can be harsh side effects. For instance, amphetamine weight loss drugs can increase one's blood pressure and heart rate. They can also be addictive. Then, when the individual attains his/her desired weight, they stop taking the medication and gain all the weight back.

    I think the best way to lose weight is to make a permanent change in your lifestyle and eating habits. Change your whole view and approach to food. Take smaller plates, put out smaller portions, and eat slower.

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    Hi! I'm glad you are determined to lose weight, good job! Determination is half the success :)

    Now, I have the same problem as you few years back.

    The first thing you should know : DO NOT GO ON A DIET

    It does not work! It'll only make you gain more weight. Trust me, it's proven all over the world


    Foods that are high in sugar or fats should not be taken at all!

    examples: fast food, chips, sweets, canned drinks.

    take a look at this pyramid:

    Take food which only belong to the Bread, Cereal group, Vegetable group, and Fruits group

    Meat eggs and milk yoghurt group can be taken, but not all the time. Probably 4 times a week.


    Number three: EAT LESS, EAT MORE TIMES

    you can eat up to 5-6 meals a day, BUT each meal is a small amount.

    Eat less in quantity, more in frequency. This is very very effective.


    this pills are very very damaging to your health, please do not take them!


    a good food that helps you lower your BP is GRREN APPLE JUICE

    but remember, do not take in large amounts on a regular basis, it can cause dizziness.

    take about 3 times a week, a cup full will do.


    this is a BIG NO NO. your body is not capable of processing your food properly while you are asleep. they will turn into fats.

    Number six: EXERCISE

    exercise at least 4 times a week, at least 60 minutes per time

    suitable exercises:

    instead of spending money on useless slimming pills, you can hire a personal trainer to set your exercising schedule and monitor you.

    Number seven: BE DETERMINED

    BE DETERMINED! do not cave into temptation when you see fast food, chips, cookies, sweets, etc etc. Do not touch them! Always persevere to the end!


    Psychology plays a big part too. You'll be more efficient with moral support from friends or families. You'll be motivated to do better :)

    Stick to the eight steps strictly and you'll notice results in no time, lady :)

    Remember, determination is half the success! You've already succeed half-way! Do not give up and keep on persevere till the end :)

    Good luck!

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    Weight loss drugs do help you lose weight. BUT they're not good for you. Generally you should loose about 2-3 lbs a week to stay healthy. But if you take diet pills you can lose more than that and STILL be missing out on your nutrients and all that good stuff that helps your body function properly. The pills help you lose weight but there is also that chance that you'd be missing out on the vitamins and nutrients that helps you do regual everyday tasks.

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    Hi, A friend of mine lost 15 pounds in 11 days using a 9 day cleansing program from Isagenix.

    You can find out more about the program at

    They've got some great news reports on the product where they actually put it to the test and I think you will be amazed at the results.

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    if u have a slow metabolism and u stop working out or taking a pill u will gain weight no matter what, hell i cant seem to gain weight. if u are trying to loose weight i think people need to stick to the old fashion way. eat healthy, eat less, and work out!!! besides who wants to lose weight and not look fit with it. get in shape and lose weight at the same time. u dont wanna lose too much weight to fast thought cuz ur skin hangs and that is nasty!!!!!!!

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    well im by no means an expert but i still believe if you eat heathly foods and yes this means three meals a day and exercise at least 20 min to 30 min a day four days a week i fell there is no replacing good old fashioned sweat. again i am by know means an expert it just works for me.

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    Amphetamines work beautifully. You get skinny quick. But they are addictive, and once you go off, you gain back.

    Amphetamines really do depress your appetite.

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  • dont use them...they can be very dangerous...and you should really trry lossing weight the healthy and natural way...

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