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What are some good programs for first time home buyers in Texas?

My wife and I are wanting to buy our first home and are wondering about first time home buyer incentives, classes, etc. Also, she is not a US citizen yet and is there any special considerations given to minority immigrants? We are interested in the Houston, TX area only.

Thanks for any or all replies!!!

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    All states, including Texas, offer a government sponsored first time home buyer program directed towards lower income buyers. The buyer (or better yet ... the borrower) definitely needs to be a citizen. If your credit is a mess, they usually offer credit counseling as a free service. These government programs usually include down payment assistance in the form of a forgivable deferred loan (a loan you never have to pay back that goes away over a small number of years), which is much like a grant as long as you don't buy and sell your house fast. Some states offer special interest rates too. It usually works out to be a better than average deal if you can qualify. I found the program for Texas in the link below. Good luck!

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    I believe Texas has a state housing authority that offers special loans for 1st time home buyers, and your county/city might offer some programs, too. BUT, for the most part there are federal loans out there. Call any lender and they should be able to help you out and recommend a plan for you. Ask specifically about FHA loans (they are federal) and if you are a vet, ask about VA loans. Those are great programs. No matter what they say and what your income is, first time home ownership seems expensive, and scary and overwhelming - intermingled with exciting and all kinds of good emotions, too. Buying a home is the BEST investment you can make. Congratulations on your decision - stay committed. :-) Find a good realtor who can help you (I am happy to refer someone if you want to email me at, they will tell you about 1st time home buyer programs in your area, good lenders vs. bad, and help you make the decisions you need to.

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    FHA would be beneficial because your down payment would be a LOT lower. Like 3.5% compared to almost 20%. There's really no credits/grants, etc

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    A friend of mine bought her home through the assistance of an organization called Ameridream. Even if they cannot help you with assistance for downpayment, they should be able to steer you to agencies than can help your situation. It wont hurt to inquire...

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    Visit for information on affordable housing programs in the Houston area. If you would like for me to refer you to a Houston Realtor, please visit and send an e-mail to me. I will find an agent in Houston for you, at no cost to you.

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    Can't help with the programs but WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD

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