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Would a female betta do fine in a 2/3 gallon container with water changes like several times a week?

I got this 2/3 gallon small conatiner. Would it be ok to put a small female betta in this? How often would be best to do water changes? If not, could I fit anything in there?

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    I have had a Betta fish before.

    A small container is best and I also bought some fake plants and stuff for it to swim around. And changing water everyday is just fine!

    You shouldn't buy another fish and plop it in the same container. Otherwise, big trouble will happen! Betta fish thinks that it's a stranger!

    Some info:

    Betta comes from Southeast Asia.

    He likes to live in shallow, overgrown water; irrigation channels; and flooded rice fields that warm up to 86F (30C).

    Siamese Fighting Fish are a member of the Labyrinth fishes that are prevented from taking air will drown.

    Because their ability to breathe air Labyrinth fish can survive in polluted water with very little oxygen .The male species build bubble nests among plant leaves.

    The males do not get along well with each other they will even bite the females to death if they are not ready to spin or spawning. You can only keep more than one male in a very large aquarium. They have to have enough space to form territories. Floating plants will facilitate the nest building.

    Betta's water should be soft to medium hard.

    His/Her temperature should be 23 - 27C for breeding.

    He/She should eat dry and live foods of all sorts.

    This website should help!

    Good Job so far!

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    Male bettas are the ones that stay in very small spaces in the wild. The females school together and swim in larger areas. Though they can be kept in a small space, it's not always the best condition for them. They'll do better in a slightly larger tank with at least 3 female bettas.

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    You need to get a fish bowl, but that size is fine for the Betta. There are fish bowls at wal-mart for $2-10 very cheap. I think several times a week is maby too much. If you are going to get it at petco or petsmart you may want to ask them since they are the specialist on how often to change the water and how much.

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    yes, a female beta would do fine, provided you did water changes like you suggest in the question. Another group of fish to consider for this are killifish. They are small, you could keep a breeding trio of several different varieties in a container this size with consistent water changes, and they are very interesting. For more info, check out the american killifish association's website. Good luck.

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    Wow just because an animal can live in small places doesn't mean it should.

    You've been given a chance to give this fish a better life. Get a gallon bowl tank MINIMUM.

    Sure your fish can survive and probally will for awhile, but that doesn't mean she'll be happy. And it certainly doesn't mean she'll live long.

    Please go to this board to get more information on Bettas, It's where I go and it's fantastic.

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    betta's do well in smaller containers, so the one you've got is fine because they usually live in smaller tanks than that. as far as changing the water, you definatly don't need to change it several times a week, once every week or two is perfectly fine

    Source(s): have had two bettas, the first lived for almost 2 years
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