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location of chase bank in philadephia , PA.?

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    Chase has no banking centers in the entire state of Pennsylvania. The nearest branch to Philadelphia is in Ewing, New Jersey - 1852 N Olden Ave


    NJ 08638

    (609) 671-0045

    and another in Pennington, New Jersey

    795 Denow Rd, Bldg A


    NJ 08534

    (609) 737-7507

    I know because I used to work for Chase and had a checking account and recently moved to the Philadelphia area. I had to switch to Wachovia because there are no Chase branches or ATMs here.

    Chase's branch locator:

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    Chase Bank Philadelphia Pa

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    None that I know of in downtown center city. Maybe outside the area or just across the bridge in Jersey like someone said. You can always search a Philly site for local banking.

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    This will give you everything you are looking for, including driving directions, map, address, and phone number.

    I hope this was the one you were looking for.

    It was the only Fox Chase Bank I found.

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    They have no branches in the area. A few near Trenton,NJ.

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