What's the pros and cons on living on Bainbridge Island, WA vs. Seattle (major city it is near) or its suburbs

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    About Brainbridge Island...

    - Smaller and quieter(it sure isn't the big city). Lots of green.

    - In July 2005 CNN/Money Magazine called Bainbridge Island the 2nd Best Place to Live in the entire US(you'll have to see their report to see what their criteria were).

    - Demographics: median age about 43, a little more than 20,000 residents, median household income about $73,000, and about 95 males to every 100 females.

    - known as a stronghold for liberal/Democratic party: 73% of ballots were for Kerry during last election.

    - about a 30-minute ferry ride(each way) to downtown Seattle -- not including time you wait in line, of course. I make the trip every few weeks just as a relaxing way to get out of downtown(where I live) and onto the water for an afternoon. I know many lawyers who live on Bainbridge and work downtown. Commuting to downtown Seattle is commonplace.

    About Seattle

    Well, pretty much all the pros/cons of a typical major city.

    I've lived in the downtown Seattle area for past 14 years and love it. Everything I need is within walking distance, including work. Having said that, I've mentioned to my wife every now and then that it'd be interesting to get a big lot/house and live out in the woods(Bainbridge) a little bit, while being only 30 minutes from downtown. Maybe in 20 years or so(I'm 31 now) ; )

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    Living On Bainbridge Island

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    I've actually never been to Bainbridge (shocking, I know...) The obvious con would be the job market and the likely necessity of commuting via ferry to Seattle for work. My boss loves Bainbridge, though, and makes the ferry trip 4 or 5 days a week to work downtown. It doesn't necessarily take longer (since traffic can be hell, especially if you're commuting from the Eastside suburbs) but you're bound by the boat schedule.

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    desire greater documents? what are your plans for paintings? the cost of residing is amazingly intense we've the worlds richest guy residing particularly on the brink of persons in seattle WA. invoice Gates you will would desire to make a minimum of $17.00 according to hour to stay ok. Roof over your head and according to risk a vehicle interior the driveway.

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