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Who is a better all around point guard Delonte West Or Smash Parker (lol)?

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    I would go with West. He is a better scorer and defender.

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    First of all it's Smush Parker. But Delonte is better right now, but with all of Delonte's competition for point guard for the Celtics right now, Smush might potentially be better in a couple years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Smush Parker no doubt, Delonte West isn't even that good.

  • york
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    3 years ago

    i think of he's an uncomplicated participant, sort of like Derek Fisher of lakers. yet he seems to have the physique of a 40 year previous Jan sixteen, 2008 Plantar fasciitis Dec 05, 2007 precise foot plantar fascitis Mar 07, 2007 gentle concussion Jan 10, 2007 Bruised shrink shrink lower back Dec 27, 2006 shrink lower back spasms Nov 23, 2006 Sprained left massive toe additionally i think of what makes LeBron great is him managing the ball and transforming into to be for various game enthusiasts, no longer in any know understood why they mandatory a point look after to help him, jordan and pippen no longer in any know accomplished with a excellent element look after, BJ Armstrong replaced into the closest and he replaced into coming off the bench. So i do no longer see Delonte West determining long term with the CAVs. I additionally hated the very shown actuality that they gave up on Gooden and Hughes, i assumed their activity in sturdy shape extra smart with LeBron's activity. yet i desire LeBron does take them a techniques this season contained interior the playoffs, I do basically no longer think of different than getting Ben Wallace, they helped themselves that plenty contained interior the playoffs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    delonte west all the way

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