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How would you compare ryanair and easyjet?

Im struggling with this, i need to compare them in terms of size, aims, economy sectors, and responsibilities. 10 points for most helpful answer.

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    Ryanair is generally considered to be 'the most profitable airline' - and of course Easyjet is the company that made the business of low-cost airlines in the first place.

    Stelios, who owns Easyjet has a big policy of diversification - hence maybe it's not been worked as hard as Ryanair to make it as profitable (just speculation, that one).

    The economic aims would be broadly the same:

    Demand-based pricing along a yield curve - i.e. when demand is low, the price is low. Usually this is well in advance of the trip. When the demand goes up, so does the price. Over the duration in which the flight is open to sell, this evens out to give an average 'yield' per seat.

    No frills - keep costs as low as possible. Don't take up staff time sorting out who's sitting where, or spend money on freebies, like food and drink.

    More routes - once you've got the administration, engineering and sales infrastructures in place, you've got to fly more routes in order to make more profit. These are often hard to come by,, so you'll spend a lot of time negotiating with governments and airports to find new places to fly.

    Fast turnaround - aircraft are your money-making assets. The longer they're sitting on the ground, the less money you make. Easyjet and Ryanair can clean and fuel an aircraft inside half an hour in order to get the next lot of passengers on board.

    Direct sales - when you sell via travel agents you pay a commission, and also 'GDS' fees to the systems that get the sale to the airline from the travel agent. Selling direct on a website maximises the profit.

    Ryanair - Blue

    Easyjet - Orange

    That's the only difference for me really!

    Things I hate about them?

    The way the fare is just £9, but this is only for the outward journey and the return is about 10 times that!

    Fly AerLingus or BMI - both are effectively low-cost, but treat their customers with a little more care and respect (in my humble opinion!) :)

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    All of those things, but I would also look at the owners and their background as that will tell you a lot about how and why the companies were formed and a lot about the long term aims and goals of the companies.

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    thks for the 2 pts.. cause i really dont what u are talking about sorry charle

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