what do you think of HealthFirst organization?

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    1 decade ago
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    According to their website, Healthfirst was established in 1993 and is currently owned by 39 prestigious and nationally recognized hospitals and medical centers located in New York City and Long Island. We have been the fastest growing Medicare Plan in New York City and the #1 health plan in New York State in the overall membership for Medicaid,

    Family Health Plus and Child Health Plus programs. Healthfirst has network of more than 20,000 participating physicians and specialists in the five boroughs of New York City

    and Long Island with over 400,000 members under management.

    As a healthcare company providing medical access to the under-served, Healthfirst's mission is to provide access to affordable and high quality healthcare for residents of New York City and Long Island. They have partnered with the provider community to increase the effectiveness of healthcare delivery to our members and support quality care by reinvesting in member hospitals.


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