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My son is in the 8th grade.....?

and has to write a short story in "Gothic Literature".....HELP!!!!

What in this world can he write about?

Thanks for your help!

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    Some examples of "Gothic Literature" include:

    Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein"

    Jane Austen's novels

    Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"

    Charles Dickens' novels

    Edgar Allen Poe's works

    Steven King's works

    Lord Byron's works

    and many others...

    Gothic Literature refers to literature composed by the writers of the "Romantic" era during the time period of 1764 - 1840. It also encompasses ghost stories, supernatural literature and horror from any time period.

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    monsters, ghosts, and paranormal.

    Those gothic writers told some wonderful ghost stories! Considering how popular the paranormal is these days he should not have any problem finding ideas.

    Gothic though means the violence is implied, its not graphic and bloody the way it is these days.

    Also back in the victorian days when gothic literature was being written there was a moral to the story. It wasn't scare for scare sake.

    An example that wasn't mentioned but you are probably very familar with is Dicken's story "A Christmas Carol". The story is set at Christmastime because during that time period it was widely believed that ghosts of loved ones could come and visit one night a year, on Christmas eve!

    Another good example of gothic literature with a moral ending - Frankenstien. Was he really a monster or was it his creator? or was it people's treatment of his appearence?

    Suspense, implied mystery, action or implied violence (no sex in any of these stories btw) and a transformation in the character at the end when he realizes the error of his ways.

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    All the resources your son needs for his essay, wish him good luck for me.

    Basic Structure of Essays.

    Study Guides & Summaries of Edgar Allan Poe Stories.

    The following brief summaries are designed to quickly give readers an idea of what each story is about. Find something of interest then take a trip into Poe's imagination...

    Summaries are listed in alphabetical order, by story title:

    Good luck.

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