I need specific details on how to cook a whole Hog in the ground. or web sites will do!!! Thanks in advance?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In primary school we did a "hungi" (apologies for incorrect spelling). It's a Maori method of cooking in the ground. As far as I know, it takes some time, and a fair amount of setting up, but the food was absolutely incredible.

    You need to dig a fairly large hole and get some nice smooth rocks in the bottom. Build a fire in the pit and keep it going for about half an hour. In this time prepare your meat and what ever else is going in. When all the flames have died down and the mebers are left, made a hole in the ashes, place your food in and place ashes on top. Fill the hole back in and leave it. I guess the time depends on the size of what you're cooking.

    When you think it's all ready, open the hole again, take the food out and take off the outer layer. Alternatively, you can wrap everything in foil, but then you miss the flavours of the woods you are using.

    Hope that helps a little. :)

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    1 decade ago

    GOOGLE "Hawaiian Lu Ou" and I think you should come up with a detailed description. Not quite sure I spelled it correctly but google should do it for you if not!

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