How man telecommunication companies are they're in Russia anyone have an answer? a website that hints t helps!

any website that confirm answer will be well helpful i've spent hour trying to find this out and the internet hasnt helped at all?

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    Until 1993, the Russian telecommunication network was fully controlled by the Russian Ministry of Communications. That year, local network operators were privatized so that each of the 85 regions had one provider. Rostelecom became the single national network operator.

    In 1995 the Russian government consolidated its stakes in the regional companies into a national holding company, Svyazinvest. The government tried to start the privatization process in 1997 through the sale of 25% interest in Svyazinvest to a Cyprus-based consortium, Mustcom. They had planned to sell a second interest of 25% but it was delayed because of the 1998 economic crisis.

    In 2002, the industry was reorganized and seven new interregional companies were formed, but their market capitalization is small by international standards.

    Until 2010, the Russian government insists on retaining the monopoly of Rostelecom for long distance services.

    Some of the major providers of mobile communications are MTS, Megaphon, Beeline.

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    Historically, there was one fixed-line operator per administrative region (of which Russia has about 80). Since then, some of the regional operators have merged, but cellular operators sprang up all over the country. Additionally, there are specialty companies that provide high-end corporate telecommunications services. So all in all, you are probably looking at over 100...

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