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Why did Rush Limbaugh attack Michael J. Fox?

Do you think Rush Limbaugh crossed a line here?

I think he should look in the mirror first before throwing stones.

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    Because Michael was helping a Democratic candidate who support stem cell research get elected. And because the Republicans do not want to cure Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes ,paralysis and other diseases they had to attack him.

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    Rush Limbaugh did not attack Michael A. ( not J) Fox ; Fox made up the "J" for "acting reasons "...just he did his "acting" to mislead the public for political gain -because stem cell research is not even on the table for curing Parkinson's . For a lot of knuckleheads making fun of Rush Limbaugh -over 651 questions in the past 9 months-you seem to think it's open season to harass that handicap guy . Why is it OK to make fun of Rush Limbaugh -who has TOTALLY LOST HIS HEARING , but the tolerant left can't handle it when Rush Limbaugh points out the truth -that Fox faked it to get sympathy votes . You want the wrong person to look in the mirror . Practice what you preach .

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    Did you listen to the sow, or have you only been listening to what the media has said? He stated that he had never seen MJF look like that before, and wondered if he was acting. He came back 15 minutes later and apologized for the statement LIVE on the air. When Patrick Kennedy got popped for DUI, Rush stated that he hoped that Kennedy could get the help he needed because he understood addiction. What Rush has continued to attack is the message in the MJF advertisement. It is a political ad for a Democratic candidate, and if you want to climb into the political ring, you need to be able to take criticism. It is a standard strategy of the left to parade out "victims" in the belief that if anyone attacks them, they can be portrayed as heartless. Guess what, MJF is not the only person in the world with Parkinson's. It doesn't make him special. If he wants to come out as a political speaker, then he needs to understand that he will come under fire. It is about his message, not the messenger.

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    Well I do believe that Rush crossed the line here. I am a fan of Rush Limbaugh but I don't like what he said in this instance.

    By the way, It would be toe the line, not tow the line. You stand on a line, so you toe it.

    To answer another question, I believe that the disease Michael has will sometimes be better and sometimes worse. I don't know if he shook more or not. That really would'nt even be the point since we all know that he does have a disease.

    Rush was wrong, I am glad he apologized.

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  • Erika
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    greater than a number of Republicans do no longer look after Rush Limbaugh's way of offering his textile, yet he DOES have his statements particularly a lot documented. Limbaugh suggested many times that he's sorry for Michael J. Fox's condidtion, and that he felt that Fox replaced into being duped via the Democrats. i do no longer think of FOX replaced into being "duped" or "used" in any respect. Fox has continually been an avid Democrat, like maximum of in Hollywood, and he made his pitch willingly. every person who's in any respect familiar with Parkinson's ailment ought to make certain that Fox replaced into the two intentionally putting on a teach or that he replaced into off his drugs. the two way, it is likewise nicely extensive-unfold that the therapy for Parkinson's would not contain or require embryonic stem cells, nor mandatory, limitless, and IRREVERSIBLE TAXATION and a CONSTITUTIONAL exchange to be exceeded via an common majority, against the choose of an quite great form of the voters of Missouri.

  • mark g
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    Rush Limbaugh is the republican version of Michael Moore. Both are complete idiots. One thing I will not though is that Michael Fox did admit that he would not take his medicine before the commercials to enhance the effects of his disease. I feel it just showed how badly the disease can debilitate a person. I have no problem with that, but it might have been better if he had stated that first

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    What Rush said is that he thought that Micheal J. Fox was either acting or off his meds when he taped the political ads for McCasskil in Missouri, Cardin in Maryland, and Webb in Virginia. The reason he said that is because Fox admitted in his own book that when he was be fore Congress he purposely did not take his meds. to show the ravages of the disease.

    Why are you still debating this issue? It happened two weeks ago.

  • D.A. S
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    It was a mistake of bad judgment. He did apologize soon after.

    I saw a TV news piece where Fox was being introduced to speak at some political function and he was not moving at all. Can someone explain that?

    Stem cell research at the expense of a new life is murder. A lot of people who profess to hate God, sure do what to play God. What is up with that?

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    Rush said that mike fox mentioned in his book that he sometimes shakes more for the camera .

  • Anonymous
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    Because he only cares about towing the party line.

    He would attack Mother Teresa if she spoke up against water torture.

    By the way.......im digging you alot, i like your thoughtful questions.

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