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In order to increase the perceived need for club administrators and coaches to effect greater change to support sport injury prevention, strategies must tie in with the immediate needs of clubs. These needs are primarily to increase club revenue and membership. Attention should be drawn to the benefits of increased safety levels to support these needs. These benefits include:

• fewer and tess severe injuries

• lower insurance premiums

• recognition of care of members/players

• satisfying the needs of members

• increased player education (regarding injury prevention)

• reassured parents and partners

• safety as a positive marketing toot for the club, and

• responsible and co-ordinated approach to sport safety. (SMA,


There is emphasis on the HBSSC guidelines being part of a cyclic process with which clubs should comply. Although the guidelines set out a suggested auditing process, it is imperative that prior to a sports safety plan being adopted, risks within the sports settings are identified. Figure two shows the stages in a sports safety plan suggested by the Australian Sports Injury Prevention Taskforce (ASC, 1997).


Many club sports administrators are involved on a voluntary basis. There are many more requirements on these volunteers than ever before. As part of the clubs legal and moral 'duty of care', sport safety plans must not only be part of club policy, they must be uniformly carried out. To assist in this process the HBSSC guidelines will be a useful tool to utilise by club administrators and coaches. However, to reduce the prevalence and severity of injury within a club, an overall risk management process should be embraced and evaluated. Sport safety is one very important way to not only keep players on the track, it has the capacity to attract new members and provide a culture of support to players and their family members.

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    為了增加對俱樂部管理員和教練的被察覺的需要對對支持體育傷害預防的作用更加巨大的變動, 戰略必須栓以俱樂部直接需要。這些需要主要將增加俱樂部收支和會員資格。注意應該被引起造福於增加的安全水平支持這些需要。這些好處有:

    • 少量和tess 嚴厲傷害






    •安全作為一個正面營銷喇叭為俱樂部, 和



    有對HBSSC 指南的重點是俱樂部應該依從一個循環過程的一部分。雖然指南開始一個建議的驗核的過程, 它是必要的, 在體育安全計劃之前被採取, 風險在體育設置之內被辨認。圖二展示階段在體育安全計劃由澳大利亞人建議炫耀傷害預防Taskforce (ASC 1997) 。


    許多俱樂部體育管理員是包含的根據一個義務依據。有許多要求在這些志願者。作為俱樂部法律和關心一部分道德' 義務', 體育安全計劃必須不僅是俱樂部政策的一部分, 他們必須一致地被執行。協助在這個過程中HBSSC 指南將是一個有用的工具運用乘俱樂部管理員和教練。但是, 減少傷害流行和嚴肅在俱樂部心頭, 一個整體風險管理過程應該被接受和被評估。體育安全是一種非常重要方式不僅保留球員在軌道, 它有容量吸引新成員和提供支持文化對球員和他們的家庭成員。

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