startup disc help??????

If I make/use a startup disc with Windows me will i lose any info on my computer? My computer keeps freezing will this help? or at least be able to tell me what is wrong? and What happens when u reboot, is it the same as restarting? Will i lose any info if I reboot the computer?


What can I do then to find out what is wrong and if i am missing any files?

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    Making a startup disk will do nothing to fix your problem.

    A startup disk is just a floppy you can boot off of. When you boot from a floppy Windows will not load - it will load "" which is the DOS command line interpreter. The only reason to do that would be if Windows didn't boot at all and you wanted to copy, rename, delete, or change the attributes of a file.

    Windows Me is notorious for being horrible (trust me - I'm an IT consultant - it sucks!). Windows 95, 98, and Me are all pretty unstable and they are know to have freezing problems whereas Windows 2000 and XP are much more stable.

    Most likely you have a software problem of some sort. Unfortunately without seeing the PC it's hard to tell you want to do to fix it. Make sure you have a new and up to date antivirus program installed - I'm guessing you don't since a lot of new ones won't even run on Windows Me - chances are really good that you have spyware or a virus of some sort.

    It's really time for a new PC with an up to date operating system.

    Go to and use their free online virus scan to check your PC for viruses. This does not tale the place of having a good antivirus program installed but at least it may tell you if you have a virus and if your lucky get rid of it for you.

    Good luck.

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    OK, you need to find an expert very soon. Meanwhile, don't panic. It's very hard to lose data, and it can't happen from a reboot (same as restart) or using a startup disk, which is really only a CD from which you can start up your computer. But the freezing part is a bad sign, and you want someone knowledgeable to look into that. Windows ME is a horrible sign - go buy and upgrade to XP, it will be more stable.

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    When you use a backup disc to restore your computer to its factory state then yes you lose all your data (pictures, mp3s, etc.) ME has had some major glitches in the software that just weren't able to be ironed out and since that ME is no longer supported by Microsoft it looks like they never will. Restarting is the same thing as rebooting meaning that the computer just turns off and then back on again. Rebooting doesn't lose data but RESTORING the computer to a factory state is. If you can afford it I recommend upgrading to a newer Windows, like XP or 2000 Professional. Both of those systems are more stable than ME and are less likely to freeze. As far as what is causing your computer to freeze if it isn't a virus or bad software then most likely it is just Windows itself. I hope this helped you out. Good luck

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    Well, Windows ME is the worse version of windows that Microsoft has ever produced. Also, Microsoft provides no longer support for Window ME. So, before I get any further, my first advise would be to get rid of ME and upgrade to Win XP home version for about $100.00.

    Now, about making a start up diskette, NO, it will not cause you to lose any data files from your hard drive. As for your machine freezing up, it could be a thousand and one little things responsible for that. The only thing that I can tell you to do without costing you any money, is to do a thorough clean up of your system and see what happens after that. By a thorough clean up, I mean to clean up your cache, and delete any and all Internet temporary files, cookies and history. After that, you do a check disc and a defrag; then you restart your computer and see how it behaves.

    With regards to reboot and restart, reboot means to start your machine from being completely off and restart means to start your machine while it is on, you have closed down all open programs, you are on your desktop and click start, turn off and restart. And NO you will not lose any data by doing a reboot and/or a restart.

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    The Startup Disk itself wont delete the info. If the Operating system is corrupted, then you will have to delete everything from the computer. I suggest you run an up-to-date anti-virus scan and a spyware scan and see if that helps. If not, I would suggest taking it to to a professional to reinstall the operating system.

    Restarting is the same thing as rebooting. The only minor difference is restarting the computer never fully shuts down the computer, while rebooting fully shuts down the computer, hardware and all.

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    Rebooting and restarting a computer are the same thing yes. Udner normal circumstances this will not result in the loss of data from your computer.

    Creating a startup disc and booting from it can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. It contains commands such as fdisk and format that can cause your hard disc to be empty in the blink of an eye.

    You need help from someone with experience at this sort of thing.

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    i dont think your problem will be solved by a startup disk and without seeing vitail information i cant tell you much more or if im sure sorry

    you need to figure out what ecactly is freezing your computer then you can treat the problem

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