Does anyone know anything about human rights commission?

i have to write a human rights essay for social studies....

1. Do people have a right to live wherever they want?

2.What recommendations do u have regarding the current controversy surrounding immigration to the US?

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    The United Nations Human Rights Council replaced the UN Commission on Human Rights.

    1.) It is generally internationally recognized that people have a right to an adequate standard of living, and access to affordable housing. That may not necessarily be "wherever they want", however. It is also generally accepted that the right to an adequate standard of living is dependant on working.

    2.) Simple: crack down on the employers. Reduce the available jobs, and the immigrants will go home and/or stop coming. Immigrants come now because they have economic freedom and access here that they don't have at home - if I were a Mexican, I certainly would consider going to the US for work - feeding and providing for my family is more important than the law. If that access is taken away, then it'll go a great deal towards stopping the immigration problem. The fence idea is absolutely idiotic, and is generally demanded by people who have never seen the border, much less lived and/or worked there.

    Source(s): Human Rights Issues faced by the United Nations Human Rights Council:
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