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How much does 1 cup of dry rice weigh? How much does it weigh cooked?

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    1 cup of rice wieghs 6.5 -> 7 oz, depending on type. White rice is the lightest, some of the variety "brown" rices (e.g. black japonica, mahogany, etc) weigh close to 7 oz. Long grain brown rice is in the middle.

    The wieght doesn't change significantly when cooked. You have more water, but you have less rice.

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    Dry rice roughly doubles when cooked. Cooking methods like boiling (rather than steaming) tend to add more water and therefore slightly more volume to the cooked rice. The type of rice (long-grain, short-grain, basmati etc...) can make a slight difference as well, but fundamentally, it doubles.

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    The weight of rice depends How much small/big is the size of the cup using?

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