What plants/tall shrubs should I use to cover an adjacent brick wall?

My condo building's front yard has an ugly brick wall adjacent to it on one side. What is a good plant to plant there, as to cover up the wall?

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    Depends on teh zone. Boston Ivy and Periwinlke would do a good job of hiding the wall and sun/shade are not issues with them. Rose of Sharon makes an attractive and relatively good screen when planted and given enough room to grow. Blooms a long time too! Gets pretty tall (10-15 ft) are avail in many different colors!

    Source(s): www.Bluestonperennials.com
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    One of the best plants is an Italian Cypress, grows tall and is evergreen. Plants are really subject to what area you live in but this plant will do well anywhere. Call your local nursery, the more expensive the place is the better as they don't know how much money you have or not. Ask the nursery which plant is good for the are and fast growing, that should solve the problem real well. Get the smallest size possible, once you know what you need you can go to the cheapest place in town to buy.

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    Depends on the size of the wall and where you live, but Espaliered Camellia sassanqua's look nice either planted in soil or in pots. They are evergreen and have lovely flowers in spring. Or you could use some kind of climber and train it onto the wall, or one that attaches itself like the Virginia Creeper.

    Concider the use of a Mirror somewhere between your new plants, it makes your yard look a little bigger and adds dimension and interest to small garden areas.

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    you need to see if it is shady or sunny there (all year round) then go to your nearest garden center/ nursery they will tell you the best plants for your area and climate. Ask for some kind of fast growing creeper or ... have a display of hanging baskets ... depends what look you want and how much time you want to spend on maintenance.

    Have fun!!

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