How can I find out house mice are getting into the house? Live in the country but 8 in three days is too many!

It's a darn good thing skunks haven't decided to live with me! The mice need a winter place, but there seems to be a direct conduit to the same built-in cupboard. If I nail a can lid oven what may be their door into the cupboard, won't they just chew another door? I have searched and cannot locate their entrance from outside.

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    First answer was a good one. Pack all entry holes with steel wool IF you cannot properly repair the holes. A tin can lid works well also. Mice don't like metal.

    It sounds as if Momma was already there inside somewhere and gave birth. 8 in 3 days suggests a new and hungry family or an infestation which will only grow. Do you have an attic? If so, bait it with traps. Small chunks of Snickers works great as bait on the trap. Put traps all over attic for three days, clean them, leave them out for 3-5 days and reset them for another 3 days. Do this until all mice are gone. If you have a crawl space under your house use the same routine. as for the attic.

    Check everything outside that is near and/or touching your house - even tree/bush limbs. Mice can climb anything - amazing little creatures - so look at all possibilities.

    If you cannot stand to use traps and clean up the aftermath then there are some great dehydration poisons on the market. Dehydration works from the inside out. Ingested, mice usually search for water, thus leaving their den. Reaction however drys them out leaving just the dry remains intact and easy to dispose of. Place these small packets strategically.

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    Arrrggg...I had the same problem last winter. The little buggers were so bold they would run across the living room floor while we were watching T.V. Steel wool works great. That with a combo. of peppermint oil on a cotton ball placed where you think they are coming in and where you find their droppings.Also get a cat. We ended up getting a cat last year because of the mice. He caught three the first day he was with us. Make sure the cat was a stray or a bit wild. The fluffy pampered ones could care less. Also use traps and Decon. Mice reproduce something like ever 16 days and the babies are ready to reproduce in 4 weeks. So if you dont get it under control now you could have a huge problem in a month.

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    You need a colony of semi-feral barn cats. Ask around your country living neighbors. You need a good hunting female.

    Barn cats live outdoors all year round and keep mice (and voles, shrews, even gophers) under control, before the rodents ever get into your house.

    This is really the only permanent solution.

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    Put steel wool over or in the mouse holes. You can tell if a mouse is in your house by the poo droppings it leaves.

    A word to the wise, is a mouse can get in so can a snake so hurry and cover all of the holes you find in your house. asap.

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    A mouse can squeeze through a hole smaller than a nickel, so make sure you cover ANY open space in that cabinet.

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