please let me know why when i try to sign into gin games, an alert says i have been barred until nov 3?

i tried to log into several rooms and it just keeps telling me i'm barred , plez help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yahoo has a spam chip now so if you move around too much, get booted from tables too much or get invited too much, it will mistake you for spam and bar you from games for 24, 48 and 72 hrs.

    Click on games, click on A in alphabet and then Abuse. Report your problem.

    Or e-mail them:

    Let them know what happened. Also, you can make a new profile and play until you are unbarred (not another id on present profile, but new profile!!!

  • §niff
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    1 decade ago

    If you scroll ...or..send multiple invites...jump lounges or tables.... run a booter kibbitz many time... violate the law ... cuss or abuse chatters among other things ... and Yahoo recieves an abuse

    report ... and recieves a copy screen shot of the past chat session and Yahoo has the USA courts legal permission to deactivated or ban accounts.

    Yahoo's new technology has a glitch though ... banning IDs

    ... this doesn't mean you violated TOS. Many are getting chat bans for no reason. If you got booted / disconnected ... then can't loggin .... TELLYahoo here> ...

    Maybe if Yahoo recieves enough complaints ... it might get fixed ... tell them.

    Yahoo disconnects and bans some ID's for posting certian

    URL's in the rooms ... Websites posted too many times

    get put on the HIT list and Your ID may be banned if

    you post their URL ... this is to STOP porn bots ...

    it is a short ban ... usually hours

    Running boot programs and complaints recieved may result in

    up to a 4 month ban or deactivating the account ...Yahoo keep a list of KNOWN booter programs ... if it detects you load one of these ... you get a chat ban or deactivated account.

    Sometimes you can get caught up in "someone else's" bann.

    If you IP is within the range of the person being banned,

    you as well will be hit by the bann.

    Solution mayb use another ID?

  • 1 decade ago

    dunno, but the 3rd is only tomorrow, be patient!!

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