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Oil is good for Iraq?

If Iraq with no oil but all other resourses are available , Do you think Iraq will enter these three died wars?

Do you think Iraq will be better for future without oil?

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  • Staci
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    1 decade ago
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    Iraq is where it is from corruption and having a tyrant form of govt. Oil is not the enemy but peoples greed is.

    I disagree with the other poster who said countries with oil are poor. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,and add in other South American countries are not as poor as we think.Far from the true, they have a flux of money.

    Their wars are a result of corrupt leadership, of clareks declaring this is the thing to do against a certain type of people. We don't help them by giving Iraq billions and I'd wager that more than a few US Americans hands took some of the cash from Iraq. We Americans tend to think and view other cultures as inferior. They are not. It's just a different more simpliestic lifestyle.

    We need to remember that our media is controling the picture of what u and I think is Iraq. Listen to some of the soliders, they were fighting for the children, so they could go to school, play, and have basic utilities. Were one of the most riches, powerful nations in the world... and we also have one of the most disgraceful educational systems in the world. Having our fighting militaries families having to go on Welfare Food Stamps to feed their children? Having the most unwed, single parent households and doing very little to help them. It's wonderful to be trying to help Iraq, but we need to clean our own house here in the USA before we judge wheither oil hurts other countries.

    Those little countries, were the first ones trying to control THEIR assets. Oil could provide all the things we Americans deem as showing wealth. But outsiders are coming in blowing up things, and the average Iraq citizen suffers. All the resources in the world will not make a country prosperous.

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  • akband
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    1 decade ago

    Iraq's future would be better off without America, no there would been no wars if Iraq had no oil. The other resources are not enough to fill the bellies of the Iraq's poor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its worse resource to have as a poor country because the goverment wants it cut of oil profits, and distracts from using goverment intervention or markets to help the other sectors of the economy. Most oil producing countries are poor countries because of overdependance of oil for tax money. Imf doesnt help Iraq ethier they will probadly be paying on old debts by Saddam till entrinety and the goverment has look for dip in interest just to refianince dept. Might as well give the finger to IMF and internally fix the situation for long term.

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