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how to reduce anxiety before my exam?

Any advice on how to reduce anxiety prior to my exam? I have difficulty falling asleep because of my anxiety. I wanna get enought sleep the night before my exam. Please help me. --anxious man

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    Try not to think about it. Think about something else, even if you have to make something up to distract you. I do it all the time, and it hardly ever fails.

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    If you want to get to sleep fast, perhaps you can try to listen to some music that you like (although preferrably the soft instrumental ones) and set the volume at the comfortable level. Then, 'analyse' the music e.g. think about the lyric, count how many instruments are used in the song and what are they, etc. I personally do this everytime I have difficulty to sleep.

    To reduce your anxiety, slow, rhythmic and sustained breathing will do. Inhale slowly and count from 1 to 10, then exhale at the same rate. Yes, I agree that not thinking about it will help also.

    Hope this will help you and good luck for your exam!

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    Get plenty of rest the day before the exam.Eat light and reduce sugars the day of the exam

    must be familiar with general content of the exam. First, take the time to review the basic skills test and take the practice test several times. This will help to remove any level of anxiety that one has before the actual exam day.Good luck!

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    For me, knowing when to quit studying was the key. Enough is enough and no more cramming can be of any more help, wespecially if you are overly tired. It's only an exam.....and that is the attitude I heald close. Otherwise, I would tend to get anxious, and that just put a mental block on everything I studied. If of age, crack open a beer right before you are ready to quit studying and relax!!!

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    Take a walk aroung the block (assuming you live in a decent neighborhood and this isn't a problem to do at night) and then take a couple tablets of Vitamin B1. A couple 100mg tabs should be good. If you've got a light stomach, you could take it with warm milk, yogurt, oatmeal or anything really.



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    To help you induce sleep, you could drink a glass of warm milk an hour before your sleep time.

    To reduce anxiety, you could start studying a week or two weeks before, making summary or notes, to calm the anxiety of being worried for the exam.

    The other way to reduce anxiety is by having lavender aromatherapy. It helps you to relax.

    I hope it helps...

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    I just finished my second last BIG exam for school. What i did was just think about when i finish. The light at the end of the tunnel that should help you get through it pretty well. Or just pray to Jesus for him to help you get over the nerves and relax so that you can pass your exams with flying colours.

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    I have read some litterature about panic attacks. But they allways seem to have a more scientific approach and that is nothing I need in my struggle to survive those horrible panic attacks. This is a "hand on" and very practical book. I felt it was written to me. I am sure that you are going to feel the same.

    Joe Barry writes exactly how I think. The examples are perfectly described. And the method is genius. I recommend this book and thanks Joe Barry for writing it. It changes your life

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    one thing i have tried is that try to revise as many things as posiibe so that way u will feel that u no everything. so u wll feel ready and this time u will look forwrd to the exam

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    if you can, try taking some valerian root they say it is natures valium. you can get it from a health food store. it really helps to calm you down, and be able to sleep.

    google "valerian root"

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