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英文造句 字數不用太多 單字盡量簡單 盡量使用過去式+合乎文法

1.to become aware off

2.to be defined as

3.in order of

4.to get behind in

5.to share sth with sb

6.in one's experience

7.take sth lightly

8.to take one's advice

9.to keep sth together

10.to be removed by

11.to be incorporated into

12.to be considered

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    1. (to become aware off) He was getting to a point to become aware of the situation..

    2. (to be defined as) Success was to be defined as excel on anything and everything.

    3. (in order of) The detector began to place the ID cards in order of birth year.

    4. (to get behind in) Smart as I was, it was difficult for me to get behind in learning any school subject.

    5. (to share sth with sb) She was happy to share candies with me.

    6. (in one's experience) Lying would only make things worse in my experience.

    7. (take sth lightly) Johnny took mom's words lightly.

    8. (to take one's advice) Johnny regretted not to take professor's advice seriously.

    9. (to keep sth together) The hen was trying to keep all the eggs together.

    10. (to be removed by) The stain wasn't being able to be removed by using an ordinary soap.

    11. (to be incorporated into) The owner of the house wanted the latest technology to be incorporated into the kitchen.

    12. (to be considered) News media in Taiwan were to be considered as rubbish in the past decade.

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