if you watch girlfriends...?

why did toni and joan stop talking. i just started watching it, (and loving it), last week. i want to know exactly what happened between them and how did william start liking joan?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You missed the best season! Okay, the rift between Joan and Toni was long-coming. First, Toni got married to a plastic surgeon (Todd) and Joan became insanely jealous, which prevented her from being happy for Toni. Toni and Todd later realized that their personalities were not compatible and decided to divorce, but not before Toni became pregnant with their daughter, Morgan. After the baby came, Toni and Todd battled a cruel custody war. Toni experienced post-partum depression, causing her to ignore Morgan, and she also spent a night in jail for fighting; all which strengthen Todd's case that Toni was a unfit mother. Joan, on the other hand was reeling from the success of her restaurant, and from being donned as a "IT" girl in a magazine article. Toni was relying on Joan as her main character witness in her final custody trial, but after being in a drunken stupor half the night at a Hollywood party, Joan did not show up. This is what alienated Joan from Toni. And William is now engaged to Monica. He and Joan had a brief relationship, but Joan was still in love with her ex, Brock and did not show William the attention she felt he deserved, so she decided they should just be friends. Can you tell I love the show too?

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    umm well after mya got her husband back they all were Still friends but kinda partied separate so joan was quote on quote" on top of her game" and finally happy so the night before tonys custody trial joan was parting and accidently missed it so tony got all mad and said she needed her how could she not be their for her and that was it

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    Toni was fired over the summer (so they had to write something into the script)...you can catch her on the Kahlua commercials......

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    reading is much better the book retains u thinking therefore you get greater detail in what people are thinking and you simply have more imagination

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