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Did John Kerry really do these things?

What exactly has Kerry lied about?

Senator Kerry misrepresented his own actions and those of his fellow officers and men. We believe that some of that misrepresentation resulted in him receiving medals to which he was not entitled. While many people might think that is immaterial, it is a matter of great importance to military personnel and veterans. As our chairman, Rear Admiral Roy Hoffman, U.S. Navy (Ret.), has said, “This is not a political issue. It is a matter of his judgment, truthfulness, reliability, loyalty and trust -- all absolute tenets of command.”

It is a matter of public record that John Kerry lied before Congress when he falsely portrayed his fellow service personnel in Vietnam as rapists and baby killers. John Kerry claimed that American troops were guilty of “crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command,” and that we “personally raped” and otherwise brutalized innocent civilians. Kerry specifically accused Swift boat personnel of “showing the flag and firing at sampans and villages along the banks” and “butchering a lot of innocent people.” None of that is true.

We believe Senator Kerry’s irresponsible accusations damaged the U.S. war effort. Whether his testimony was designed to advance a political or personal agenda, we do believe that testimony endangered our prisoners of war, dishonored those injured and killed in action and did irreparable harm to the reputation of servicemen who served honorably in Vietnam only to return home to unwarranted ridicule and abuse.

Drawing on the credibility of a tour of duty in Vietnam, however abbreviated, John Kerry shaped a false, slanderous image of U.S. military personnel as violent, vicious and brutal. U.S. military personnel, Senator Kerry told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, are collectively “a monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to deal and to trade in violence.” That is untrue. As with military men and women today, U.S. military personnel in Vietnam went out of their way to safeguard innocent life, often taking casualties themselves rather than putting civilians at risk.

Having lied to the world about his former comrades, it is our view that Senator Kerry is unfit to command our sons and daughters as Commander-in-Chief.

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    Kerry has always been anti-military since he got back from Vietnam. From his "Genghis Kahn" remarks to his "our soldiers terrify women in children in the dead of night" thing last year. I can't imagine why anyone would be suprised that he would say what he did about education, even by "accident". He was talking about "Bush"? Bush who had a higher GPA then him and went on to get an MBA? Makes no sense.

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    He thinks that Everybody's Stupid, but the Only Stupid Person is Himself, saying "You can have a Good Education If You works hard, If You Don't You're Stuck in Iraq".

    I doesn't know his Actions In fact doesn't Care and Even Democrats find Him as a Roadblock that's why he's done campaigning LOL.

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    There are video tapes of those days where he is saying that kind of stuff. I can't remember verbatum but they did replay them on TV a couple of years ago. I think think that is what he was testifying to in Congress in the early 70's. So it is all well documented. I also know some people who remember him denigrating the military back then.

  • I'm not criticizing any democrat but what John Kerry said is horrible.can you believe he said :Kids,Study hard and do well in school or else you'll end up in Iraq."How foolish of him.and now he's lying saying that he didn't mean it that way..........yeah right!

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    Kerry called the people fighting in Iraq all stupid. I think that was was a rude comment seeing that the people in Iraq are putting their lives on the line for him and everyone else in america. I dont like John Kerry.

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    No, I thikn he just ynol deos hafl of it. Says:

    - He believed, but he actually does not believe he said it.

    - He supports the troops, but if they stuck in Iraq, it's their faults for not doing their homeworks.

    Recently, 2 days ago, he would "crystally clear" not apologize for his remark, then apologize half way on his web.

    Source(s): Watching Kerry on TV.
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    ??on Kerry!

    Did he lie to congress, NO! Poindexter concluded the same points 30 years after Kerry!

    What Kerry did was enlighten the public as to what soldiers were being commanded to do!


    As for the comment someone made about GPA's

    GW had a 2.0 in a school where that was the lowest grade offered. Bush is far from intelligent! and as far as the MBA goes,

    he managed to bankrupt the 2 companies he was in charge of before becoming governor

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    i think of Letterman is a clown who mentioned the incorrect element interior the incorrect way...and he will pay for it. i do no longer know the place those previous due night comics get the thought that something is honest activity. the place is their disgrace? or perhaps this is the undertaking. No disgrace. Savages all.

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    Kerry isn't running for president, and not much chance will ever run again. This 2006 election involves congressmen and governors

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    Is there anything Kerry would *not* do?

    I can't believe he called our troops unintelligent. Maybe he was actually talking about himself. lol

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