How do I establish a feeding and sleeping routine for a two month old baby?

What is a typical day for a two month old? She currently feeds every 4 hrs ( 5 oz ) on average.

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    My babies would at first feed every 2 hrs 2-3oz at a time.--so you getting her to be at 5oz every 4 hrs is good!!! Slowly increment the amount or the oz she takes in and spread the time between each feeding. You will find that the baby will sleep longer and stay happy longer the more she eats until finally you will be able to give her 8oz every 8hrs!!! Good luck--

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    Around 3-4 months, your baby will probably start putting herself on a routine. It sounds like she already has as far as feeding. A sleep routine should follow fairly soon.

    My baby did the sleep routine first (thankfully). She began sleeping through the night (sleep 8 hours, feed, sleep another 3) at six weeks, but I fed her on demand during the day to ensure she got enough so she didn't have to wake up more than once in the night.

    You'll discover your child's rhythms, and go with it. It's a lot easier to work around her schedule than to fight it.

    My baby (4 mos now) almost always wakes up between 7 and 730, then wants a short nap (45 minutes) around 830ish. Then is up until 12ish and takes a longer nap (2 hours). Around 430 she'll take another short nap (1 hour) and then stays up until 7/8ish. I try to keep her naps regular (first one about 2 hours after waking, the other two about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from the last one), but, sometimes, you've got to be flexible - if your baby is exhausted, put her down, even if it's not naptime. Ditto with the hungry. I still feed her pretty much on demand, as she's a string bean (very long, but thin for her height). She JUST started napping regularly, so, one step at a time.

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    A lot of people are going to tell you that it is impossible to put her on a schedule - not true at all! Get the book "Babywise"; it worked wonders for me. My little man was sleeping through the night from 7 weeks old (10pm-6am). He is now six months old and sleeps from 7:30 or 8 pm until about 7 am. The book is not about rigid rule setting but guiding the baby gently into a routine that works for both of you. It is really, really helpful! Good luck!

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    If you're on a four-hour schedule you're lucky. I know that I set my son up on that when he was a little younger, and like clockwork 12, 4, 8, noon, 4, 8 etc. I fed him. I think you're doing just fine. 5oz. is a good amount for 2 months. However, if she still seems hungry, or isn't gaining weight, then you'll need to feed her more at a feeding.

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    Two months is a bit young to expect consistent behavior every day.

    However, some things can become 'signals' if you practice them for awhile.

    For instance, say she is well fed and wakeful at about 9 am. This is a good time for a bath. You want bath time to be happy and relaxed....don't do it when she is hungry, tired, or fussy.

    Maybe 1 pm is a good time for the both of you to lie on the bed and just cuddle....this will eventually evolve into an afternoon nap. For both of you if you are lucky :-)

    Now it's 6 pm, you are starting dinner and she is fussy.....Dad's turn! This will trun into 'daddy's - girl time'.

    It's just a matter realistic adjustments.

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    Your dreaming. A 2 month old? At that age you can only establish that the baby has needs. Routines don't come until they are around 6 months or so.

    One trick I did at night was to put my babies to bed, and stay with them physically by their cribs, but don't, I mean don't pick them up. As long as they're fed, and dry just let them fuss sometimes.

    But by just kind of touching their little hands or legs, and not picking them up they'll ususally sleep.

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    At this point in her life, she is the one establishing the routines. You'll just have to deal with it until about 8 months. For now, she can eat and sleep when she wants to. Come on; she's new to the world.

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    I agree with john b. when you are dealing with a baby inder the age of one there is really no routine. sometimes you just get lucky and have a sleepy baby that might sleep threw the night. But this is part of having young kids is getting up in the middle of the night. Sorry.

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    There is no routine at that age. Feeding and sleeping are on demand, so you pretty much have to follow baby's schedule.

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    Nurse or bottle feed the baby for a quick time then quit to burp. and examine the baby's diaper to make effective it incredibly is dry. persevering with feedingthe infant till the baby drop off to sleep. Then carry the baby to the crib and lie the baby down on his returned. If he wakes up and cries, circulate returned in as quickly as to make effective he ok. See if he needs to nurse returned, burp him returned, examine the diaper returned, survey the crib for some thing it incredibly is bothering hiim. If each and everything on the record is okay,lay him returned executed and permit him cry for a on a similar time as (no longer common to do i know, yet you have checked to make effective each and everything it ok) If he has been screaming for a protracted time. he could have various gas sit down on the floor wit the baby and rub his returned and abdomen till he burps. Then returned to mattress for each individual.

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