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whats the oldest wrestling match you remember and how old were you when you seen it?

im 20 now the oldest match i remember is Ultimate warrior vs Hulk Hogan

but later on in my life i did get to see matches that happened before i was born

i saw Ultimate warrior fight Andre the Giant (in that match ultimate warrior slammed andre the giant)

i also saw another good one with ultimate warrior vs undertaker

i liked the undertake vs sid vicious match to that was good

and marty jennety vs shawn michaels was good

anyway give me some of your old wrestling memories


i've heard of a giant haystacks before but i dont remember seein him fight

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    You are way too young, see if you remember any of the following names:

    Classy Freddie Blasie

    Chief Jules Strongbow

    The Medics

    Hardboiled Haggerty

    The Shiek

    Dick the Bruiser

    Bobo Brazil

    Gorgeous George

    Primo Carnera

    Mr. Perfect

    Strangler Lewis

    Lou Thez (the greatest of all time)

    Just a few names that I remember seeing wrestle on channel 5 in LA and also at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.

    Wrestling was great entertainment back then, today it is fireworks, scantily clad women and lots of bad acting, the sport is a wreck.....

  • Lynn M
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    1 decade ago

    When I was about 9 or 10, I lived in South Bend IN. There was a town called Elkhart and they had the wrestling matches on TV (Black and White). I was only allowed to watch a very little bit of it. I don't know who was wrestling. This was about 47 years ago.

    I just thought it was so real, and why would anyone want to watch it.

  • 3 years ago

    the 1st tournament i'm able to keep in mind staring at surpassed off interior the process 1997, a tag team bout between Shawn Michaels and Triple H against The Undertaker and Mankind. It replaced into genuine on the initiating ranges of the preliminary feud between HBK and The Deadman, and it replaced into pre-DX. in actuality, in spite of this being likely a throw-away tournament of no instantaneous effect that resulted in a ordinary disqualification (Shawn belted The Undertaker interior the cranium with a steel chair), it rather became out to be a reasonably great deal. Shawn and Triple H (he glided by capacity of "Hunter Hearst Helmsley returned then) had instantaneous chemistry that everybody ought to be sure, and the beginning place replaced into laid for possibly the main powerful and nicely-favourite duo in wrestling background. Plus, the tournament led into that epic conflict between Shawn and The Undertaker at undesirable Blood ninety seven, the 1st ever Hell in a cellular tournament. it incredibly is thrilling, with the best thing approximately hindsight, to look returned immediately and notice the wider implications solid by capacity of that one tournament. it incredibly is the 1st one i'm able to undergo in concepts as a fan for me, and it incredibly is one I will continuously remember. As for the third message, i'm a growing to be type of excited to be sure what it is approximately. i'm nevertheless making a guess on the return of a prior person (optimistically one i replaced into friendly with), and the messages have been ok executed.

  • Joe S
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    1 decade ago

    The Iron Shiek vs 3 midgets. 1972 in Detroit.

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    The first one I remember was between Ric Flair and this guy who's name I can't recall,but he always had a blade in his hand that he would cut people with,I was 5yrs old which was in 1980.Ric Flair was all cut up and I was crying,I just knew he was hurt.But I do remember a lot of the wrestlers just not the matches to much.My favorite was rock-n-roll express.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can remember Giant Haystacks v Big Daddy but that was a long time ago lol. Bet u aint ever heard of them lol.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would have to say old WWF matches because my mother was recording them on tapes, but I saw them when I wa 10 years old, but they were recorded around 1995, when I was 2 years old! I was too young to remember watching it on TV though.

  • 1 decade ago

    as kid in 50 and 60 I watch wrestling, cannot remember any names

  • 1 decade ago

    it was either papa shango or andre the giant

    cudda been the undertaker

    oh or shawn micheals

  • stuffy
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    1 decade ago

    i dont watch it.......but when i was around 10 or so my friend was watching and they had a guy on there called.....the undertaker........ i dont know who he was up against

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