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Have 8 yr old (supposedly) rotwiler, behaving strangly, should I get him another dog to play with.?

Man of the house died in April. Besides him thinking he now runs the house, wanting me to out when I'm in, in when I'm out, etc. and becoming quite a conversationalist (with differnt oral sounds that sound like argueing to get his own way) has become 'afraid?" of be touched my males that come here for any reason, even while carrying a bone to give him. He whines all the time, even as soon as he gets in from out, finished eating, while I'm reading or on the computer? What do I do?

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    Believe it or not, animals go through a grieving process just like we humans. You can't put a timeline on their grieving process as we can't put one on ours.

    The fact that the dog seems to have taken on the Alpha position is understandable. Dogs don't naturally want to be the Alpha, they would prefer that someone else be; they do it out of specie preservation. In other words, the man of the house was trusted to be the Alpha by your dog; part of being the Alpha is making the rest of the pack feel secure from danger, and you have not proven to be. It's time to take a stand and spend time with your dog, rather than the computer, and establish your position.

    Don't step over him, as it sends a message that you are the subordinate; don't allow him to lay near any of your outside doors (making him the protector), etc. Unfortunately, people tend to get dogs to protect them, but what we should concentrate on is protecting our dog; they will instinctively protect you.

    Hope this helps.

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    In addition to your own loss the dog is also feeling loss and fearful regarding just who is the boss now. He is compensating by becoming needy, then overcompensating by perhaps being assertive... You need to pick up the loss he is feeling and assert yourself into a position of being the boss. Fill the gap....You set the pace, set the rules. Cesar Millan is a good teacher, He has books , tv and disks out ....Watch them and you will become enlightened and confident. Remember Excercise...Dicipline, love. Good luck to both of you.

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    He seems to be having seperation anxiety. I'm not a dog psychologists but it seems that your Rotty is trying to tell you that he needs the same amount of attention that he had before. I wouldn't necessarily say you shold get another dog but you should at least try reassuring him that he is still loved and needed. He wants you to be where he wants to be because he is in need of that physical presence. You just have to think about it as your dog thinks. He is missing a member of his pack and needs that guidance to make him feel as though he is still an active member. all you have to do is give him that feeling of still belonging to something. I owned a Rottwiler and beleive me they NEED thatbond between him and his person to be strong.

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    Oh poor baby, he's mourning your husband. Sorry about your loss. You could try getting another dog for him. He sounds like a very loving dog. Hope you find something to help you both get through this.

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    Do you watch the dog whishperer? He helps so many people and their dogs. It is really amazing. I would start watching his shows, maybe even get his book, and start using his techniques. On his shows he has dealt with grieving and dogs. My dogs were out of control and then I started using his techniques and now my dogs are so much better.

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    another rottie would be good they would watch your house

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    kill the dog

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