I am not sure if you can help me.If you can I would apprerciate it.?

I am looking for an oven cleaner made from all natural products.

Not just elbow grease..

I have found that I cannot use ammonia based products anymore due to a respiratory complaint.

Any tips you can give me would be most helpful.

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    Believe it or not, you can clean your oven safely with nothing but baking soda, water, and some of your time. A big plus, this project requires No Scrubbing. I suppose we have all been so brainwashed by companies, that we mistakenly believe we require powerful chemicals for cleaning, Not True.

    To Do:

    For success, the key is to use enough of the baking soda mineral. *Sprinkle baking soda all over the oven, until it is covered completely with about 1/4" of baking soda. Now get a spray bottle, and spray the baking soda with water, until the baking soda is thoroughly damp but not flooded. Go take care of some other things around the house, and when you think of it, go dampen the baking soda again if it is drying out. Before going to bed, do that again. When you wake up in the morning, the baking soda can effortlessly be scooped out of the oven with a sponge, bringing all the grime with it. That's it! The only downside is that you need to rinse out the white residue left by the baking soda, but this sure beats other Oven Cleaners, because there are no fumes!

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    Being in the "business" for years and cannot find a good cleaner that doesn't take "elbow grease" E-Z Off is the best of the best but spray, hold your breath and get out. Wear rubber gloves too. Good Luck

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    1 decade ago

    lye= the stuff that turns grease into soap!!!

    that's what oven cleaner is primarilly made of,

    add some perfume and a brand name...

    that's your oven cleaner...

    lye is = sodium hydroxide, or NAOH

    it can burn your skin.....

    it's what draino drain cleaner is made of most

    you can buy it at the local hardware store....

    elbow grease is really the best way though...

  • 1 decade ago

    it is the worst cleaning job!!

    I have never found anything that has fully cleaned my oven.

    because you can't get into all the areas

    especially around the grill.

    even Mr Muscle never works properly for me

    sorry I'm raving on here

    and I still can't help you

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bicardbonate soda and vinegar.

    I use on my oven cleaner

    oven cleaner that you can buy from the supermarket have too much chemicals im scared after using them that it will blow up my oven!!!!

    so i stick to bicarbonate soda and vinegar!!

    trust me it works wonders

    give it a go!

    Source(s): personal experience.
  • yep bi carb soda and vinegar and sprinkle the carb soda on then wipe with vinegar or the 2 sponge method of dipping the first sponge in bi carb the second in vinegar ..putting on top of each other and wiping.........rinse well

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    Yeap! visit a JML store and you should get what you are looking for. visit their website for details and, hey, let me know if you pickup any bargains. Good luck and stay healthy.

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    To be honest there is no natural products! but you can use salt, lemon and vinegar to clean your oven.

    Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    a few sticks of tnt should do the trick

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