I used to have deep waves, but the army hair cuts in basic training ruined that. Any tips to get them back?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you had deep waves in your hair that was the curl pattern you had at that time. your hair may changes curl patterns throughout your life. babies sometimes are born with curly or straight hair then it might change to the opposite pattern when the get older. Also around the age of twenty your hair might change again. It also might change when your get in your later years such as 40's and 50's. sometimes these changes occur with the curl pattern, it can also change the hair texture(fine or wiry). I would have to say that you probably entered the army around one of these age groups an hair curl pattern changed on it;s own.And due to the extremely short hair cuts, your hair was not long enough for you to see the changes. Also any cutting you do to your hair does not effect the structure of your hair, Because the structural makeup lies in your hair follicles that is in the skin which will not be effected by haircuts. to be sure if your texture has changed, check your curl pattern when your hair has grown out at least few inches from your scalp, so you can see the pattern.

    Source(s): If you are unhappy with the lack of curl pattern you have now, you can check into a perm.
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    4 years ago

    They give you a very limited amount of free time during the first few weeks. My mom actually has letters that say only "hi, things are going ok, love you.." As far as I know they do not search your mail. But here's some advice on recieving pictures in the mail: You can't hide anything once it arrives. So just know that if grandma and grandpa send you a picture, the drill instructor will find it in your locker and most likely make fun of you for it. They love to humiliate you. The thing about basic training is that you won't realize that you're actually having fun until the day you finally leave. Then you can laugh about it. Good luck

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    There are texturizers for men that will give you that deep wave.

    Or if your own hair responds well, try using a Pomade and a thick-bristled brush, and brush it in the direction of the grain...also sleep with a doo-rag, which helps to keep the wave perfect.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just use what you used before. Get a good natural bristle brush, (hard bristles), and a wave hair dressing.

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