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What do you know about evolution?

Please tell me what you know about it. What you have learnt that it is.


People insulting theories is not what I'm asking here. I said what do you understand it to be, not what is your opinion of it.

Update 2:

I think some of you are missing the point. A simple answer like "It's the process of development from one form of life to another" would suffice.

No slurs or excessive information thank you.

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    Evolution is the best explanation we have for how species develop. It is supported by a mountain of evidence and is logical to support until new information modifies or discredits it. Unlike God Theory, which is inviolate, set in stone and supported by nothing more than superstition and delusion, Evolution is fluid and developing.

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    Everything is changing all the time. And I would love to hear some of those that claim that there are no transitional species define what they mean by a transitional species. We are all transitional species. Just look at man, we have Appendixes, which are a throw back feature that our digestive system no longer uses or needs in any way. Gene tracing gives us not only a very close link to chimps but gives a good indication of how far back we diverged from our common ancestor. The religious like to ignore evidence and will repeat stuff that they know to be untrue even after it has been explained and demonstrated what the truth is.

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    Simply put, evolution is "a change in allele frequencies over time, within a population". This change may be due to random fluctuations known as "genetic drift", but much more often it is caused by natural selection. Natural selection is the only known process which can explain the diversity and complexity of life- without selection, we'd still be a bunch of DNA strings floating in the primordial ooze.

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    It is a theory of how life Evolved from a single one celled organism to life as we know it today.We all know that every living thing needs light ,water,food and air to survive.Nature mutated the one celled organisms into different life forms each adapting to its own envirorment ,Water and land . Life started in the ocean and eventually had to change as the ocean was shrinking and land was being exposed .This can take a while to explain ,so your best bet is research Darwins Theory in the Encyclopedia.

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    "What do you know about evolution?"

    I know that it is a theory that has been the debate of last century.

    I will leave you with a link that explains it very well.

    It is the best answer to evolution that I've seen. That's my source for what I know about it other than the following.

    It is a highly politicized theory that was all the earmarks of a religion. It has been set up in schools uncontested. And as soon as the politicians realize that mistake, they will see that they are supporting a religion as an official State Religion, and should have it contested if they want it to be taught in schools.

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    Evolution is a proven BIOLOGICAL process that utilizes natural selection to describe how life has progressed on planet Earth.

    Anything theorized beyond that has utilized the word evolution in a way that wold have perplexed Darwin.

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    Evolution is the perfecting of a species through time. Evolution only occurs within a species, that is to say, one species does not evolve into another species. This is refered to as 'originality of species'.

    There are 4 basic 'kingdoms' in existence:

    1. mineral

    2. plant

    3. animal

    4. human

    Each kingdom contains a 'power' unique to that kingdom. In addition, each higher kingdom contains all the powers of the lower kingdoms. The MINERAL KINGDOM has the power of ATTRACTION. With this power all the elements of the universe are held together (it is sometimes refered to as 'love'). The PLANT (OR VEGETABLE) KINGDOM also has the power of attraction, but in addition, it has the power of GROWTH. Likewise, the ANIMAL KINGDOM contains both powers of the lower kingdoms, attraction and growth, but also has the power of THOUGHT, SENSES, AND MOBILITY. The 4th kingdom, human, has the powers of attraction, growth, thought, senses, mobility and ... INVENTION ... the power to bring the invisible into the visible realm, the power to discover the hidden mysteries of the universe!

    Each kingdom evolves within its kingdom, but it never has and never will evolve into a higher kingdom. A piece of coal may become a diamond, but it will never become a rose. A seed may become a giant redwood tree, but it will never become a horse. A chimp may learn sign language and simple math, but it will never harness electricity or build a spaceship. God has given that power to mankind alone.

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    it is the fact that things change over time from random mutation and the ones that change to the better form prevail. it is just math and logic. not a plan. it is slow. very slow.

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    Its the change in a gene pool or population over time. That is how it is defined. That is how it has been observed. That is simply how it is.

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    Same thing that everyone else knows, that it is a theory shot full of holes and there are not now nor ever have been any transitional forms. Everyone of them that have come down the pike have been proven to be false.

    I Cr 13;8a


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