any 8th grade science fair project ideas?

cuz im in the 8th grade and i need ideas for my 200 point science fair project

anybody? any ideas on what i can do my project on?

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    You could make a camera out of a cardboard box, and it could really work, if you are careful when putting the film inside it. You only need to paint a cardboard box completely black on the inside, put a piece of wax paper smeared with kitchen oil (or a frame or frames of film, but in that case you'll need to work in a completely dark room). Then you close the box with tape, so no light can pass. On one side of the box, the one nearer to the wax paper or the film, you make a tiny hole in the middle, so light can enter. On the other side you make a bigger hole so you can see. If you use the wax paper, you'll see the image forming at that same moment. You could even say it is a model of a squid's eye.

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    Science Project regarding animals

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    Well last year we had a science fair. I did not win, but i know one of the projects that did.The girl who won made crystals out of sugar and water, it was very cool, i think it took like 2 or 3 weeks to grow them.

    You could also make a telescope, judges love original things, with a touch of sophistication, if my answer isnt good hopefully some others will be.!

    Good Luck.

    Hope you win!

    !Ashlyn Marie!

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    RE: 8th grade Science Fair Project...Any Ideas? I'm in the 8th grade am being forced to participate in Science Fair. The category isn't very important but 8th grade is Physical science so that would be fine. The problem statement is due in a day or two and i am completely stuck on what to do. Last year I did a simple project on laundry...

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    cymatics (changing matter with sound) looks pretty cool. Easy too, I'm assuming.

    Or if you're more into biology, you may want to try "heart brain" or "neurocardiology" (Are feelings another type of thought - that the heart thinks?)

    After all, the heart does have a lot of neurons that send more signals to the brain than receive from it.

    Source(s): to see them in motion... [Note: the guy is English and pretty boring to listen to, but he's in a interesting new field.]
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    Dissolving chalk. Does chalk dissolve faster in vinegar, water, or oil? That was my project last year. Got 150/150!

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    check these websites Grade Science Project.htm

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    a million and one, just you have to give a more specific idea. What are you interested in? What would you like to know more about? What's gonna get you the most points?

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    What about creating a roller coaster???

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How come you can't think of anything? No offense, but are you SPED? Part of being educated is learning how to be independant and think for yourself.

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