Media censorship: A conspiracy ?

Media censorship: A conspiracy ?

The truth comes in many colors and is often a double edged sword, nothing is perfect and under scrutiny, the blemishes of truths are visible.

Having said that is there a media conspiracy to cover-up, deny or ignore some important realities that are important to Canadians; I think so.

Back in 1987, following many complaints from people in the area concerning the 'Children's Aid Society' I ventured to a couple of their workshops on 'child abuse', and was struck by a blatant anti-family agenda. A half-truth, a truth that lies. Anti-family because it was all about division of the family.

So it became obvious that a hidden agenda, a cult feminist ideology had corrupted social theory. Now don't be alarmed anything can be corrupted look at the Catholic Church, and the pedofiles that used the Church to gain access to little boys, and girls. The medical system has been corrupted by those who seek to profit from their own selfish financial gain. So that problem is one of a conflict of interests, between individuals and the greater good of society in general; can happen in any system.

The corrupted model, (a corrupt theory brainwashed unto social workers) was that child abuse was 'men who abuse, women and children victims'. This obviously bigoted and biased model would in my opinion lead to many problems down the road, including the growth of children who would abuse their parents, their families and society in general. It appears child abuse was never seen as children who abuse other children, and themselves.

I believe this is now history and Canada has again been corrupted by another half-truth model, "Stop violence against women', that should be about stopping the abuse of women, men and children.

Again the use of a deceptive half-truth. Well in 1995 it was suggested that perhaps the real problem was that most of us did not know what a half-truth was, for there are many types that are unknown to the general population and have only recently been exposed on sites like

But the real question remains why have the media not exposed this corruption in social services by cult feminists, and some cult-lesbian feminists who have preyed on vulnerable women. (source. G. Landolt-Real Women of Canada)

Why given that this information was given, faxed to Canada's major news and media vehicles has this been left unexposed ?

I came across a copy of a fax that sent out January 11, 1995 and this 'corruption' of the Childrens Aid Society was exposed. Yet on Canada's major TV networks and newsnetworks, this concept of 'predators' within the Children's Aid Society has been silenced by whom ? and for what reasons ?

As the slogan goes, it is time to break the silence on this very, very corrupt philosophical agenda within social problems that is more about the financial gain derived from social problems than correcting and preventing them.

Pity...truth again has been betrayed for a handful of silver !

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    The media has replaced the church as the opiate of the masses. Like the church, the media is keeping people ignorant of the truth. It has the power to destroy a person or even bring down a government by lies and innuendo.

    It's time for people to wake up, question everything they are told and to think for themselves.

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    Media censorship: A conspiracy: Since 1865!

  • 1 decade ago

    Rupert Murdoch ... a really rich guy who owns a lot of media outlets? ClearChannel ... owner of most American radio stations?

    Americans ... mostly fat and dispassionate about anything other than sports teams?

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