Will this get me into the University of Michigan?

I have slightly over a 3.6 GPA and I am taking Honors and AP courses. I also scored a 28 on the act, does it look like i have a chance of getting in.


I am in both track and cross country, and i am in NHS

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    I am from Michigan and knowing U of M that is pretty borderline, maybe on the low end of what they would take but it's pretty good. Let me ask, is U of M the be-all and end-all of universities in Michigan? State has really good programs as well, and take the whole "Wolverine Pride" thing with a grain of salt. What I understand is that the undergrad programs at U of M are nothing to write home about, it's the graduate programs that are good. I got a 3.89 and a 30 on the ACT, I lived in Michigan and I went to Kalamazoo College and was very happy, if I were you I guess I would just suggest not worrying about U of M and go with any of the other great schools in Michigan.

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    You'd probably have a slight chance, but it would be less likely if that's all you have to offer them. Other factors may come into play since you're on the borderline. Extracurriculars and community service would be helpful. Also, U of M takes the strength of your school into consideration, even beyond the honors and AP courses you've taken. If you are from a well-regarded district, that 3.6 will count for more than if you are in a so-so district. Class rank (if your school does rank) might also be of importance here.

    Source(s): Almost went to U of M for undergrad
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    youre borderline...Im in the same boat as you....3.787 and 27 ACT...Im too afraid to apply...so im gonna go to michigan tech

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