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what's the name of the motorcycle movie in 70's-80's with a white sportsbike?

The one that drives the bike is a guy, then the guy is killed, his girlfriend used his bike then seeked revenge.

i think the last fight is when the girl in the white bike fought with a girl on a black bike..?

i think the starting music in this vid was came from this movie..


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The guy who rides the white bike got killed(cant remember if he's a cop)..his girlfriend rode the bike then seek revenge.

Update 2:

Sorry i thought it came from that movie..

Update 3:

if i remeber correctly the bike or the helmet had built-in weapons in it..

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    The music in the video you linked comes from "Top Gun" - a story of a young reckless pilot who gets sent to top gun school to learn how to become the best fighter pilot. It stars Tom Cruise and while he does drive a bike, it doesn't fit the description of the movie you mentioned.

    Could this movie be "Street of Fire?" imdb.com offers this as plot summary:

    "Rock and Roll singer is taken captive by a motorcycle gang in a strange world that seems to be a cross of the 1950's and the present or future. Her ex-boyfriend returns to town and to find her missing and goes to her rescue"

    Will dig further to try and find an exact match on the motorcycle movie.

    More info:

    Can't find exactly what you're looking for. Do you remember any actors? Was it American, Australian or European flick?

    Character names?

    Here are some films (I haven't seen) that may fit the bill:

    "Stone" 1974

    Australian gang bikers are apparently called "bikies." This film is about a policeman working undercover with a gang of "bikies" to find out who has been killing them. Delivering plenty of action and local color, the movie has a few improbable moments: while Stone (Ken Shorter) is at his girlfriend's house recovering from a beating by the bikie gang, his girlfriend asks if she should call the police--he growls "No cops!" Gritty and action-filled, this film was an early international box-office success for the Australian.

    "The Stranger" 1995

    The small town of Lakeview, Arizona has been taken over by a violent gang of bikers. The local sheriff is too afraid to do anything to stop them ever since his fiancee was murdered while trying to bring evidence against the gang to the FBI. One day, a mysterious woman, who looks exactly like the sheriff's fiancee, comes riding into town on a motorbike and starts killing members of the gang. Who is this avenging mystery woman?

    I remembered a James Bond flick - "Never Say Never" - that had motorcycles with gadgets on them.

    You might also check out "Electra Glide Blue" with Robert Blake. "Five the Hard Way" - made in 69. Motor Psycho - a

    Russ Myers movie made in 1965.

    Hope this helps.

    OK - think this is it! "Cyclone" 1987

    plot is described as this:

    Rick has devoloped the ultimate mototcycle, the Cyclone. It is a $5 million bike equipped with rocket launchers and laser guns. Rick meets his fate and it is up to his girlfriend Teri to keep the Cyclone from falling into the wrong hands. Teri can trust no one but herself. (from imdb)

    also described as:

    n this fast-paced actioner, a brave young woman must deliver a specially designed, top-secret super-destructo armored motorcycle that runs on oxygen to the US military after the man assigned to deliver it, her lover, is murdered by enemy agents. Soon after finding his body, the woman finds a video he made that tells her how to work the machine and where she must take it. Unfortunately for her, the enemy is out there waiting and determined to steal the bike for themselves. Part of the fun in this film is looking for popular B movie stars from years' past. Such stars include Huntz Hall, Troy Donahue, and Michael Reagan.

    joe bob briggs describes it at this:

    Heather Thomas wears a yellow breast- parachute in a punk bar, spits on Martin Landau's ring, and wears a lot of really neat El Lay sportswear in this thriller about a guy who gets murdered for building the world's greatest motorcycle ("more powerful than an F-16") and then not telling anybody except Heather how to work it. This makes the government so mad they put Tim Conway Jr. outside Heather's house and tell him to imitate his father's old routines, but this makes Heather so mad that she blow-dries her hair and gets out the super-cycle that looks like a regular cycle with black cardboard taped to it, and she zooms off to meet Troy Donahue. Pretty soon she's caught up in a thrilling story of international intrigue, over-the-hill character actors, gratuitous Martin Landau, and the ultimate betrayal: her own aerobics teacher turns on her. Two breasts (not Heather, who was seeking Santa Monica health-club endorsements at the time). Thirteen dead bodies. Two motor vehicle chases with some real old cars they can shear the tops off of and blow up. Exploding Yellow Pages. Ice-pick skull jamming. The dreaded insults-and-hot-coffee torture. Really bad Heather-ogling by El Lay Neanderthals. ("Looks like you have one of those Jap bikes!") Gratuitous Troy Donahue, punctured repeatedly. Kung Fu. Straight razor Fu. Tire tool Fu. With Jeffrey Combs as the nerd chopper builder and love interest ("Energy is not absorbed continuously or discontinuously but only in multiples of direct and indivisible units"), stuntman Dar Robinson as the Klaus Kinski look-alike creepola killer who ties Heather to a chair and puts electrical-clamp battery chargers all over her body but forgets to take off her sweatshirt and blue jeans ("I like a little begging").

    Source(s): www.imdb.com
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    Motorcycle Movies From The 80s

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    Wally World

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    Hmmm... kinda same question here buddy... but lil bit change of the actor and subject... the motorbike still white but the rider is a teenage boy.. and the motorbike is alive in that movie

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    It's The Wraith.

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