i think that the united states should take over mexico?

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    1 decade ago
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    Gee, Mexico has one of the best trained, best equiped, most efficient armed forces in the world! (Second only to the US in the Americas!)

    Hmmm, considering that in the past 30 years or so YOU haven't even been able to deal effectively with Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan or Iraq, what makes you think for a second you would have MORE luck with a nation of 100 million with an army more efficient, modern and dangerous than all the others put together?

    (Oh, and what about the fact that 20% of YOUR OWN army is Mexican? Have you considered the implications of THAT? Oh and the mayor of LA, Governor of New Mexico, Commanding General of your Border Patrol, Deputy Governor of California, the tens of thousands of mayors, sherriffs, federal and state senators, congressmen, police officers etc, the Attorney General of the US, the First Lady of Florida (and sister in law to the President of the United States), what? Are you just going to lock them all up in concentration camps while you invade Mexico? Huh?

    I don't hear you.... Maybe you would want to rethink this brilliant plan of yours a little?

  • 6 years ago

    Of course, the U.S should take over Mexico. It would be a great Idea. First of all, they can't control their own people. The cartels run the country. Most of their military personnel are probably involved in the drug business with the cartels. They kill their own people like pigs by beheading them and then post them on BestGore.com. They are destroying their own country and they don't even know it. They need to be taken over. Ignorance is blissful !!! The people in Mexico have to rise up as one and reclaim their country before it's to late, unless it already is. Mexico can never take over the U.S. We are to far advance in weaponry. All we gotta do is push a button & game over. What Mexican gotta do is wise up. Stop cultivating, producing & selling that garbage & the senseless killings & become dependant of self. Life is about building not destroying, procreating, cultivating & love above all. Mexico is rich in all kinds off resources, They should take advantage of their fruitful land and make use of it, not sell it & be a sell out. Why come to this country to live like a modern slave and work for less than the minimum wage?

  • 1 decade ago

    And your question is???

    By the way, Mexico is on its way to taking over the United States.

  • Javy
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    1 decade ago

    There was some time I had without reading a stupid question like this one. Do you think we are in the Middle Age or what? Who do you think we are to do that? Many people in Berlin were happy because the wall came down, now we are building one; something that was the symbol of the Socialism by years had come to the U.S. Our country suppose to be one of freedom, not of oppression, we are suppose to show to the world that we are an open country for any one who wants to come to work and that we respect every body, but we are doing like the ostrich, hiding our heads on the ground believing that if we don't see our problems these will disappear. No way. Or like the turtle, hiding inside a shell. Is time to show to the world that we are fighting against terrorisim because we think that every body have the right to think and live in the way they decide to, as long as your way of living doesn't affect the others around you. We have to show we are a country with self-respect and with respect for the others. We have to show that we are "The country of Freedom" and that the "American Dream" followed by 13 colonies one time stills in our hearts. In how many battles you or a relative of your have been into for the defense of democracy and freedom? How many battles you or a relative of yours have ever fight for this country? Let me tell you this, since 1898 my family have been inside the U.S.A Army, my great grandfather in the Spanish-American war, he was one of the very firsts Puerto Ricans who joined the U.S. Army, my grandfather went to the WW II, my uncle went to Corea, my father to Vietnam, my brother to the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan and I'd came 4 months ago from Iraq, perhaps that many of my fellow soldiers were and are Mexicans or their parents were Mexicans. Do you have a family history like mine to feel proud for? Do you think we need more wars, and a lot less against Mexico? Is easy to talk about war when you'll be seating your sorry butt down, meanwhile the war is fought by other people. So next time that you have a wonderful question like this one, do us a favor, keep it for your self.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey bozo! We are taking the U.S. back! Don't believe me? go somewhere in California, Texas, New Mexico visit Chicago or Miami... gee, I saw a sign the other day saying "English spoken"!

    We are taking over, its just a matter of time 'till a U.S. president is Mexican!


  • moglie
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    1 decade ago

    maybe it could be called North Mexico there's enough of them in the US already I think Mexico is taking over the US

  • 1 decade ago

    YES YES YES YES YES It should, but it won't. Our country likes giving our resources away to the heathen no matter what country there from. I can say that because my father and mother orginated here in california they were american indians and here in the united states before anyone else. Every since the whites arrrived here they have @#$*%^# it up.

  • 1 decade ago

    ha ha ha ha!!!! good one! like you took over irak, iran, afganistan... should i carry on... well, one more.. vietnam?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    make a question!

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