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Name of book:Just me and my cousin

Author:Gina and Mercer mayer

What is it about?




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    Just Me and my Cousin-- by Gina and Mercer Mayer.

    這本是一本小朋友的圖畫故事書. 內容是講 Little Critter 去探佢的 cousin. 本來兩個最初時都好好, 但後來又打架, 又在閒談中洩露祕密... 最後 Little Critter決定回家, 而這時候, 佢的cousin亦決定對Little Critter好少少....

    In this funny picture book starring Mercer Mayer's popular Little Critter, our young hero is off for a visit with his cousin. The day starts well but turns into pillow fights and tattletelling and checker boards overturned. It's not always easy to be a cousin. Little Critter is ready to go home, but his cousin saves the day before it's too late.

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